Written by cycleguy on December 22nd, 2019

What do these have in common? Tickle Me Elmo. Cabbage Patch Kids. Pound Puppies. Buzz Lightyear. Beanie Babies. Transformers. Wii.

In common? They are all part of the Christmas toy fads down through the years. (And there are more I could add. Google it). Just like the movie starring Arnold Schwarzennegger, Jingle All the Way, people get caught up in a craze and often go crazy trying to keep up with the latest.

The good thing about fads? They don’t last. Hooray!! Thankfully. Who could ever forget mood rings? Moon rocks? Furbies? Are you kidding me? But it’s true.

Fads don’t last. Aren’t you glad that the gift of Jesus as a baby is not just a fad? Somewhere I’m sure some one, some company, has tried or will try to capitalize on it, but the birth of Jesus in  a manger is not a fad. Despite His humble birth which many don’t understand, the event brings on a life-change that is hard to match. And it makes Christmas so much more meaningful as well. It truly is good news for all people. Not just some of the time. All the time.  It never gets old. Never wears out.

“Father, thank you that the story of Jesus is not a passing fad. It doesn’t go the way of all the toys. It is so much more. It is a gift for all time.”

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  1. Wonderful sermon. Thanx.

    May God bless you and your family at Christmas and always.

  2. floyd says:

    I’m with you, Bill. Things created by man won’t last. Only things from God or manmade things ordained by God can last.

    Understanding the true meaning of Christmas is grasping the meaning of life.

  3. Yes, a gift for all time, Bill, and one we need to treasure not just at Christmas, but all year round.

  4. Ed says:

    When I think of all the gifts I have had, only one has lasted! Amen Bill! He’s the Most Wonderful Gift we could ever receive!