Written by cycleguy on January 21st, 2020

I’m going to ask you to read this all the way through…please.  And please know I received permission from Christine to write this and to post the pictures.

This is Alexander Chambers:

How can you not fall in love with this little guy?  Alexander is 20 months old. Let me tell you his story. His mom & dad, Jimmy and Christine (see family portrait at the end of this post), were told during her pregnancy that Alexander would be born with a birth defect (sorry don’t know the medical name) which would affect his heart. They are heroes to me. The thought of abortion NEVER crossed their mind. He wasn’t very old when he had his first heart surgery. After his birth he spent quite a bit of time in Riley Hospital in Indianapolis.  He finally got to come home to his two sisters but the past year and a half has been an adventure. Like all kids he has had his share of colds, sniffles, etc but they seem to be more frequent…and last longer. But that has not stopped him! He is as rambunctious as any 20 month old little boy.

Alexander’s heart is not a normal heart. His left artery that feeds the heart is totally closed. That means he is not getting any oxygen to his heart from his left side. If that cannot be corrected he will always have restrictions on what he can do physically. No sports. No normal activities which require physical exertion. He understands now that when he tires he must stop and rest. An exploratory procedure several months ago showed that. Since then he has undergone a heart scan for the doctors to see if they can and should consider doing something. They had told Jimmy and Christine that they could do nothing but then said, “No. Let’s do this scan to make sure.”  The scan showed for certain the state of his left artery.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) Alexander goes into surgery to see if something can be done.

I’m asking for prayer for Alexander. Please pray for his care during surgery. Please pray for the doctors and nurses as they work. Please pray for his mom and dad and two sisters. Please pray for God to intervene and make a way for surgery if that is His will. And pray for healing. The downside: if he does have surgery it may require up to a month or more of hospitalization which will take Christine away from her family. We prayed Sunday morning for him/for them. I asked the leaders to come up front to gather around and to pray for the family. While Christine told the folks what all was happening, Alexander came over to me and wrapped his arms around my legs and then let me hold him while I prayed (he eventually went to his mom). Little people are special to me. This guy is extra special.  I’ll keep you posted as to the result.

I, of course, do not know how tomorrow will turn out. But I truly believe (and have told Christine this) that God has a special plan for Alexander. I believe God is going to use Him and this situation to be glorified. I hope I’m around to see what He does.

Here is a picture of the whole family:

Jimmy, Christine, Alexander, Eliza, and Isabella. What a lovely family.

His surgery has been scheduled several days and times and has been changed that many times. As of right now, it is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00. He will be taken for prep at 7:30. Ryan(our youth pastor) and I will be leaving Spencer at 5:15 to be with them and pray beforehand. You can pray for safe travels for us as well. And thanks from Jimmy, Christine, Eliza, Isabella, Alexander and from me.

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  1. Glynn says:

    Praying for him and his family, Bill.

  2. Ryan S says:

    Definitely praying for Alexander and the whole family. Prayers for guidance during the procedure, comfort for the family, healing and recovery for Alexander. Safe travels for all.

  3. Donna says:

    I have seen God work in my life and know the things that He can do when doctors have doubts. Praying that he does the same for this sweet little guy. Praying for save travel for you as you travel up to Indy tomorrow and for Alex and all his family that God showers them with His love and peace.

    • cycleguy says:

      Thank you Donna for both prayers. As you state, God can do whatever He wants even when the doctors doubt. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Praying right now for Alexander and his family and for you all.

    God bless.

  5. Will most definitely keep precious Alexander and the family in prayer, Bill. May God work a miracle that his life might be a powerful testament to God’s love and grace.

  6. Pam says:

    Ahhh. So cute. Prayers for this little fellow and his family.

  7. Lisa notes says:

    Praying for Alexander right now. Lord, mercy please! Praying for safe travels for you and others as well. It’s so good to have people show up in the flesh.

  8. Ed says:

    Praying for this adorable little guy! I KNOW God is good!