Written by cycleguy on March 15th, 2020

I just had to post this.  One of the folks in the church has a daughter who has Lyme disease, a bad case of it.  Her immune system is already compromised so they dare not bring her out where she could be exposed to the virus. At this point, Katherine is doing well (Praise God her mom says) and her immune system is doing a good job of fighting for her.  But it is risky for her to get out. So she asked about Tami doing the service live via FB. Since I am technologically-challenged and definitely FB illiterate, I told her to contact Tami. She did and voila! The Anderson family was able to watch it live. Come to find out a whole bunch of our folks did also.

After it was over Becca Anderson (Katherine’s mom) sent me this photo.

I busted a gut, but it can’t possibly be me. One, he doesn’t have a goatee. Two, he has more head hair than I do. Third, wrong nationality.  The big reason?  Reason number four: he is wearing a suit and tie. This boy doesn’t wear one of those silly things on Sunday morning.  Not for Easter. Not for Christmas. Not for Mother’s Day. Nada. Never. Weddings and funerals only. And only if it “required” by the bride and groom, and since the corpse can’t speak, the survivor.  🙂

Anyway, I thought it was funny. Have a laugh.  And if you are interested in watching the sermon, you can email Tami at zephan3.17@juno.com to find out how to get the link. Otherwise, you can listen online to the church’s podcast (ovcf.org).


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  1. Ryan S says:

    Looks like me during my Monday teleconference… not the tie, but notice the shorts… yes, bus. casual from the waist up.