Written by cycleguy on June 19th, 2020

I’m sure you have heard the American prayer. In fact, I suspect you have probably prayed it as have I. That prayer is simple:

Lord, give me patience…and give it to me now!

As I write this post, and as I prepare to preach on Sunday morning, I am a poster child for this prayer. It is far more common than I (and possibly you) would be willing to admit. Patience is not a virtue of many most Americans. We want it and we want it now. Case in point: the recent COVID shutdown. The first week or so we were patient and sort of reveled in the change. But as it went on longer we saw signs of impatience creep into our lives. Many who said, “No way will I go out” began to stretch the boundaries. 

We see this “I want it now” mentality in newlyweds.  They don’t want to wait to get things they grew up with. Without even realizing it they want what their parents had and spent years planning and saving for. We end up in debt up to our eyeballs because of our impatience.

Following God is no different. We want answers…NOW. We want God’s direction…NOW. When truthfully, waiting is the last thing we want to do. But oftentimes we are called on to wait. Sunday’s Scripture is most definitely one of the key passages about that: “Those who wait on the Lord…”

Sunday’s sermon is the second part of Isaiah 40 that began last week. This week is from Isaiah 40: 28-31: “Strength for Weary Days.” Thanks for your prayers for me and the church as we meet.



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  1. We do suffer from a lack of patience, Bill, that’s for sure. Looking forward to your sermon!
    Blessings and prayers!

  2. I can admit from years of living in two different cultures I learned more patience. We have moved up to northern Mn. to rebuild a cabin for our forever home here on earth. Nothing move fast here so patience has had to kick in again. Everything moves fast in southern Ca. so this is a welcome pace for us. could be we are just enjoying the fruit of getting older. There is little I want, don’t have many expectations, most things are better if we wait on them or not needed at all. I know I am enjoying the slower demanding pace with fewer things. it’s a small cabin so our stuff will be reduced which I look forward to. Less stuff, less frustration, less to lose. I think it is the getting older that has finally given me some patience. Blessing brothers, Happy FAther day.

  3. Linda Stoll says:

    praying for you even as we speak as you prepare to lead your people in worship today, Bill …

  4. Lisa notes says:

    Patience often comes with humility. I ask the Lord for both. And yes, now would be great. 😉 But there is growth in the waiting. I’m sure your sermon was a great one, Bill.

    • cycleguy says:

      Thanks Lisa. And yes right now would be great but I do agree on the thought about growth. As for the sermon, I’m a terrible judge.