Written by cycleguy on May 20th, 2020

I have a file in my office I have titled “Makes it All Worthwhile.” It is filled with cards, notes, pictures and miscellaneous things people have sent or given me over the years to remind me of their love, prayers, thanks, and all-around encouragement. With the onset of texting I sometimes receive encouragement that I cannot put into that file. Yesterday, was one such day.  I was in the dermatologist’s office and when I got back to my truck checked my phone.  I had received the following text. I am withholding the person’s name but will text that person with the link to this post. I want him/her to know how much their text meant to me.  Here is the text:

6 different times in the last two days, I have had you heavy on my heart. I did some digging and found this in Jeremiah- “and I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

This is what I feel like I’m supposed to remind you of:

The crap of the world right now can be discouraging. Can feel like you aren’t able to do what God has called you to do in the capacity you normally do it. But don’t be discouraged by that. You are reaching people that you may have never reached because you are forced to do so online. You got this because God’s got this and you are totally a dude after his own heart.

Love you! Happy Tuesday!

My response:

“Was in doc office and don’t take my phone in. I’m emotional over your text because you care. And I love you and appreciate you for that. It has definitely been different but I’m also seeing God come through in a big way. I’m excited about telling the folks how.”

One of the people I shepherd sent that to me.  A guy can go a long way on encouragement like that. He/she has no idea how that made my day and my drive home yesterday morning. So here is my question to you: have you told your pastor how much he means to you? I guarantee it will go a long way in lifting his spirits.


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  1. No … I haven’t told my priest … yet. But I tell you. Thanx for keeping up this Blog and for all the good work you do cycling for charity. You never know who visits your Blog and not leave a message. So thanx.

    By the way, do not put your monitor with this message in your file. The monitor is too big to fit in the file.

    God bless.

    • cycleguy says:

      Thanks Victor. you are right, of course. We have no clue who visits but leaves no comment. Oh…go tell him. And I’ll try to remember not to file the monitor into the file.

  2. Such uplifting words of encouragement and love, Bill! And I have to say that he/she is right in saying you are probably reaching more folks than ever because of the broadcast. I know I’m one of them! 🙂
    I will be sure to thank my Pastor, too.

    • cycleguy says:

      Martha, that person has no clue how much that lifted me up. Thanks for your kind words about the broadcast. That means a ton.

  3. Pam says:

    This was such an encouraging post, Bill. I shared it with Dick because I know he is feeling out of his element with ministry the way it is right now.

    • cycleguy says:

      Thanks Pam. It sure hits us all differently. I have a great group of people, like this one here, who have been so gracious about making a bad situation not so bad. I pray Dick finds his heart blessed by the people there.

  4. Linda Stoll says:

    every pastor, every ministry leader should keep a file of those special momentos, those words of affirmation … and check in on them often, especially when times get tough.

    love that you do this, Bill …

  5. cycleguy says:

    From Betty: Not recently but am going to do it as soon as I get off your site. He is a good one. We were on staff at New Tribes Language school when they came as students, helped them unpack their Uhaul. Never thought someday he would be our pastor. We loved then and now his passion. He was like a bull in a china shop back then and still is but has learned to not break so much china. We love watching, hearing, reading him grow and his messages are deep and he always gives enough out for several sermons and is working on that. It’s the passion that drew us then and still does to listen to his messages on line and pray for him. We sincerely love him and his family which we have come to know well. And they love us and trust us for counsel for hard things in their life. I better get off here and write him about him instead of writing you about him. How precious Bill to get encouragement from someone who cares. It will give you a lift for quite some time. I ride on a couple of compliments my husband has given me through the 55 years all the time. He says little but the little he says goes along ways. Blessings brother.