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Written by cycleguy on October 19th, 2010

Since I am in Ohio for a couple of days enjoying my time with my (now) 4 year old grandson and his parents (but will be heading home later today), I thought I would draw your attention to some blogs that have meant a lot to me just these past two weeks.  They are by no means exhaustive that’s for sure!  But they each offer something different and so I want to highlight their diversity.  Each one has a point to make so I hope you will take the time to check out the links.

Since I read his new book, Reborn to Be Wild, I have become an Ed Underwood fan.  No, I am not gushing…just making a statement about a well-kept secret.  Ed is very “under the radar” in many circles but when it comes to the need for renewal in the church, he is on the money.   This post is a fantastic example of the wisdom this man has.  And while you are at it you may want to check out this post on leadership.  But look out for falling debris!

I have known Heidi Reed (through blogs) for a couple of years.  She took a hiatus and I missed her.  But recently she resurfaced with a new fire and a new ministry.  It started here with this post.  Then it went to this step.   Now it has come to this.  I applaud Heidi for her persistence, but even more for her desire to show the love of Jesus with actions.  Check it out please.

I have come to love this next man (and his wife’s occasional) posts even though I cannot say his last name.  Jason is planting a church in Alaska (a place I dream of visiting some day…hint hint) and I find his posts and comments very insightful and helpful.  He has a good heart and I loved this post about pity and compassion. While there, check out more of his blog.  He even highlighted yours truly this past Friday.  I still believe in miracles!  😛

I simply cannot say enough about this lady’s posts.  I am constantly reminded about the devastation that comes from abuse (of all kinds, including spiritual), bad memories and bad choices.  But I NEVER walk away feeling crummy.  I always walk away feeling refreshed and convinced once again about the marvelous grace of an amazingly patient and loving God.  This one here is a must read.

Several months ago I met this lady via a blog comment.  I have come to look forward to her posts.  This one was no exception and it is a good challenge to all to take a look at what is in our hands.

And now for a fun one.  Besides this little ditty here (scroll to the sign),  this one here made me smile reeeeaaaaaaaallllly big.  For 9 months I have been praying for this to happen and grandma finally was able to post about it.  Congrats to Robin and Emma.   Warning:  if you gain weight just  by looking at food, you may want to avoid Robin’s site on a regular basis.  The woman is a cooking fiend and often has me salivating with her chocolate recipes.   However, I have told her she could send me any chocolate fixin’ and I will be her taste-tester.  😛

That’s all for now.  I hope you have a good ride with this.   Just enjoy the scenery. Feel free to comment on any of the blogs or here. 😀


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  1. Michael says:

    Jason and Jaycee have been a blessing to me.

    I hope you are getting refreshed.

  2. Jan Frame says:

    Hi Bill,
    I know you & Jo have enjoyed your time in Ohio. Grandchildren are wonderful. I’m so glad you guys could go.
    I can’t read any of those blogs because they are blocked(I’m at school) but I will check them out tonight. And, I would LOVE to go to Alaska, have always wanted to go there. 🙂 Have a safe trip home.

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing some great blogs – have enjoyed reading some new stuff this morning. Safe travels today!

  4. Heidi says:

    I love you, my brother in Christ! Thank you so much for writing all that about me and my blog and my org. 🙂 You rock!!

  5. Bill,

    Since you mentioned going to visit Jason in AK, I’ll throw this out there…we are in the very early stages of planning a mission trip to Juneau to throw in with Jason. Sarah Salter is unofficially coordinating the people and prayers and could fill you in on details. It’s looking to happen in Summer 2011.

    You have listed some great blog resources… I am happy to have visited most of them before now, and am looking forward to checking out the others.

  6. jasonS says:

    Well, if you didn’t know then I’ll say it now, you are welcome to come to Alaska anytime. We’ll be sure to show you a good time. I think we should have a guy-bloggers retreat up here. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it would be a blast! Maybe we’ll dream about that for a little while.

    Thank you so much for the mention and kind words. You encourage me so much and make me think harder than I believe is possible sometimes. I’m checking out the other blogs you mentioned too (although I feel overstuffed w/ all the blogs currently in my reader).

    Thank you, Bill. Have a blessed and safe journey home!

    • cycleguy says:

      I will go with the guy-bloggers retreat! You write some good stuff Jason, born out of your experience planting a church. I think all can learn from it. Sorry about making you think so hard and the overstuff. 😛

  7. lindaM says:

    Hi Bill,
    It is great that we can minister to others in the places that we are at in our lives. I enjoyed going about and reading the various blog sites that you presented and linked us to here.

    I liked Ed Underwood’s idea of what leadership is all about in the Body of Christ. Leadership is a gift God has given to his people. People don’t belong to the leadership, leaderhip belongs to the people. Leadership is the servant not the dictator. I think the present concept of leadership is switched around in most leadership thinking and belief in our day.

    I think in reaching out to minister to others we need to remember that our own spiritual preservation has to come first. This means I believe that we can’t get so busy ‘doing’ that we forget to read and pray and otherwise keep our devotional life going and growing.
    Everything is going to burn here on this earth on the day of Christ’s return. 2 Peter says everything is going to be laid bare. God is going to make a new heaven and earth where only righteouness dwells. What’s vital is that we stand before him on that day holy, cleansed, unspotted and in right standing with God. I see this as our main concern in our walk with God and in ministry.

    • cycleguy says:

      Glad you enjoyed Ed’s take on leadership. I think it is spot on. I have no doubt that we all realize the importance of our own spiritual walk.