Kids, Water & Food

Written by cycleguy on October 17th, 2010

Jo and I are leaving right after our second worship experience and heading for Ohio.  It is Braden’s (our grandson) 4th birthday today (Sunday).  Man, has time flown by!  It seems like just yesterday when I surprised Janna by canceling a previous appointment and showed up her front door after she and Jason brought Braden home from the hospital.  I cannot even describe to you the emotions that overwhelmed when I held him in my arms for the very first time.  I admit that I dominated him for awhile since Jo & Tami had already been there for a couple days and had had their chance.  I suppose though that after several hours I needed to give him back.  😛  It has been fun watching him grow and learn and develop.  He is the apple of grandpa’s eye but that boy is going to have to learn some day that his father does not always make the right or best choices.  I mean, who in the whole wide world would choose the Bengals over the Steelers?  Or the Reds over the Pirates?  (Okay so he may have a point with that).  He has chosen Ohio State over Indiana or any other hack team so I will grant Jason that one.  Funny thing: I couldn’t really give a rip about football, basketball, hockey or soccer.  I do have a mission in life: get that boy riding a bicycle so he and grandpa can ride together.  I figure by the time he really gets good I will be old enough to slow down and let him beat me.  🙂  Jason & Janna are great parents and I have seen them mature over the past 4 years.  Kids will do that you know?  I can’t say he has turned Jason’s hair gray because he has none.  Long story short (I bet you are going “Yeah!):  I will be out of the office for a couple of days.  I plan on posting blogs that I have written beforehand and comment when I have the time…if I am not too tired.  The boy wears me out! (But it is a good wear-out)

Several blogs have already been talking about the water issue that faces Third World countries.   For just a look at two of them check one out here and here. They will point you to other links so I encourage you to check out these blogs and go from there.  I say all that to let you in on what OVCF plans to do.  For the past two years we have taken part in Advent Conspiracy (AC).  Our small church community has raised over $1500 in that period of time (December ’08 and December ’09).  To see the magnitude of what the people have done, we have also participated in Samaritan’s Purse’s Shoebox Ministry as well as Angel Tree (to benefit the local Crisis Pregnancy Center and families).  So raising that much money for AC is nothing to sneeze at.  I am so proud of the people and so honored to be their pastor when they reach out like this.    We will be participating in Advent Conspiracy again and using materials from the H2O Project to help us get the word out.   If you haven’t already done so please check out both sites.  H2O has a whole slew of material, videos, etc to use but suggests that you have your own “water ministry” to support.  We will continue using AC. I applaud all the bloggers who have been using their voices to highlight the plight of those in the Third World.  All you need to do is watch this video or this one here to see the importance of clean water and then ask God what you can do.  Are you planning to get involved in any special ministry this Christmas season?  If not clean water, what is it?

One final thought: I went this past Friday for another adjustment of my braces and removing some extra hardware they had put on during the last visit.  My mouth is sore and I am relegated (at this point) to eating soft food-something that goes down smoothly.  Eventually, in a day or two, I will be able to once again eat more solid food.  It made me think of my spiritual walk.  Soft food to start out with is then replaced with more solid food.   Where are you at in your spiritual walk?  Do you need to go back to soft food or have you moved on to the more solid food?

I would like to hear from you even though my responses may be spotty.  I will post your comments so that others can see them (and maybe comment) and will respond when/if I have time or am not too worn out.  🙂  Have a great week!!


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  1. lindaM says:

    Hi Bill,
    you and Jo are great grandparents! It’s exciting to visit the kids and the grandkids, especially if they are doing well. Swells the heart. it’s not easy to do well these days. So much uncertainty and confusion for people along with a financial disaster to overcome.
    What are you going to do if Braden doesn’t like cycling? Maybe he will be a reader. Like you too 🙂

    At this point I have no Christmas ministry planned this year. If I want I’m sure that I could be involved in several projects in my community. I do appreciate the work of others who are involved in clean water, and food aid and so forth. It’s needed. Thank God for compassion and mercy!! My life seems to be on hold until this legal case between my husband and I is completed.
    The more solid food of God’s word is where I want to be. The solid food of God’s Spirit at work in me, creating the image of Christ. The Bible says that Christ is the express ? image of the Father.
    ‘God hlep me Lord, I am fearful that I may not be where you want me to be. I look for your grace, mercy, and lovingkindness to bow to your lordship in my life. To surrender all to you. Put that in my heart. A committed disciple a true follower, someone who can lay it all down for your purpose and plan for me.’

    • cycleguy says:

      Thanks Linda. We try to be. 😛 I hope you will find a ministry this Christmas. I found that it helps one take their mind of their situation and gives perspective. Rom.8:29 does say we are being conformed to the image of Christ.

  2. lindaM says:

    Hi Bill,
    I think what God is saying to me personally is that I need to pray more often and more purposefully. I think that is what I might be able to best do for starving children and the people destitute in Third World countries. It’s getting myself back on a consistent schedule of ‘its my prayer time’, so that I do it and not forget.
    The prayer of a righteous man avails much the Bible says. I think that I forget the power that prayer has. We believers can set the hand of God working on behalf of these people a half a world away. God grant us the power and the grace to do so.

  3. Kim says:

    Congratulations for your grandson’s birthday! I’m so excited you get to go spend some time with him. I am sure he will be really excited to see grandpa!

    I was really excited to participate in the fundraiser for SafeWorld. I’m not sure what charity I am going to get involved in this holiday season, but know that I want to do something. Possibly donate some time to the local food bank? Advent Conspiracy looks like a really cool project for your church to be involved in.

  4. Have a wonderful time Bill! I pray it is a refreshing time for you just like your blog is to me.
    As to your question to my spiritual walk- baby steps! Learning to fly and walk in grace one day at a time. (=

    • cycleguy says:

      Julie: we are already here and having a great time. He is a barrel of energy. Baby steps is the only way to go. Too big of steps only trips you up. Looking forward to watching you fly.

  5. Michael says:

    Have fun Bill.

    I think out church is going to do a clothing give-a-way at Christmas time. We did it just before school started and it was great.

  6. Jim F. says:

    I hope you enjoyed the trip and had a blessed time.

    Spiritually it depends on the day – some days I am eating soft food and sometimes having solid food.

  7. Have a great time, Bill, and get that boy on a bike.

    • cycleguy says:

      Gonna try to both although the bike appears to be in the future for now. We can’t get him to keep pedaling. He wants to brake. 😛

  8. Congrats Bill! I know your church has a big heart because their pastor has one…will spread the word about Advent Conspiracy.

  9. jasonS says:

    Glad you get to go visit the grandbaby. That’s wonderful.

    Spiritually, right now I am energized and excited. There are lots of battles and we have plenty of needs, but I have never been more confident in God’s greatness and goodness.

    Thanks Bill. Have a great time!