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Monday, November 17th, 2014

If you read my last post, I mentioned some of my favorite singers. I left one out…my favorite of all.

I have three brothers. All younger than me.  This post is about my next brother, Rob. More specifically, it is about something Rob has just completed.

Growing up I took the sports route; Rob took the music route.  As an upcoming High school senior Rob made a decision to follow Jesus with all his heart. My decision led me to become a pastor; Rob took to the road as a singer. We started in PA. His life has gone full circle and he finds himself now living in PA with his wife, Joy.

Rob’s last recorded CD was in 1992. He just recorded another called GRACE. It is homegrown, recorded in his basement with a minimal of production. No lavish strings. No pounding drums. No big budget. NO SECOND RATE EITHER.

One thing I appreciate about Rob is he believes in excellence. And in spite of the bare bones approach, or maybe because of it, you will appreciate the simple sound. You will appreciate the message of the songs. You will appreciate the smoothness of his voice. I have always been proud of Rob’s singing…perhaps no more so than now. His voice and soul match the depth of the lyrics.

Better Day will have you tapping your feet. The 1917 hymn, The Love of God, will lift your soul in praise. Two written by Rob, I Find My Hope In You and More or Less stand out as exceptional songs. Two bonus songs are original Christmas songs which I believe are second to none.

I am asking you to trust me, I know, when I ask you to buy a CD you never listened to. It is smooth, easy listening music that would sound good with a big band behind him or the simple arrangements he and J.D.Miller have put together.

You can buy it for $15 plus $1 for shipping. You order it from him. His email is or FB:Net Ministries Rob Grandi.

You may think “shameless promotion.” Yes, it is and I make no apologies. I’m uber proud of Rob (in case you can’t tell). Why else would this 62 year old “rocker” encourage you to buy a CD that is outside his box? 🙂

I’m going to sweeten the deal a little. Make a comment and I will put your name in for a drawing to receive a free copy of GRACE.