Written by cycleguy on January 8th, 2014

It seems like just about every time you turn around someone is getting stomped on for some “name” they used.  Some deservedly so.  To my way of thinking there is no sense or good that comes out of using the “N” word, for example.

While those words are bad and vile enough, there are other words which are beyond decency as well.  In fact, a fairly well-known singer (Ke$ha) has checked into a rehab facility for an eating disorder because someone called her…get this…a refrigerator.  Honestly, I have no clue what she even looks like.  I wouldn’t know it was her if she walked right up to me and slapped me.  Okay, so maybe I would then.  🙂

But I hope you see my point.  Way too often we allow what others say about us and to us to affect who we are.  You know what I mean I’m sure.  Fatso.  Stupid.  Porker.  Useless.  Worthless.  No good.  On and on it goes.   People are believing the lies and in an attempt to forget or to deal with them, they will develop an eating disorder, cut, an addiction, or myriads of other ways to cope.

It happens spiritually as well.  We have allowed others to convince us we are nothing but dirty, rotten sinners.  “Worm” is how one of the hymns puts it: “Would He devote that sacred head for such a worm as I?’  Worm?   It took me awhile to realize I am not a worm.  I have been reading The Misunderstood God by Darin Hufford (thank you for recommending it Susan) and while I don’t agree with all he has written I read something that really struck me.

When God looks at you, He calls you by a name that has nothing to do with your present situation or mind-set.  Be excited about that!  And stop calling yourself the lying names of your present.  There is a truth about you that is so wonderful and enticing that God can’t contain Himself when He looks at you.  He sees that and only that.  (p.149)

In other words, you are not your sin!  If I understand the Scriptural truth of imputed righteousness (say what?) when God looks at me or you He does not see “Rapist,” “Liar,” “Baby killer,” “Adulterer,” “Homosexual,” or any other name people choose to use.  For those of us who have crossed the line of faith He sees “Redeemed,”  “Cleansed,”  “New Creation,” and others.  Oh baby, can I hang my hat on that!

In a new Stryper song they sing, “Sticks and stones may break my bones/but words will never hurt me so they so…I’m a fighter on the mend/I will rise above the world you spin/You fail, I wish you well.”   When we don’t believe the lies-the names used on us- the enemy fails in his attempt to take us down.  Don’t allow others to determine who you are!

What thoughts do you have to share?


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  1. the Old Adam says:

    You are clothed in His garment.

    “All of you who were baptized, have put on Christ.”

    Galatians 3:27

  2. Daniel says:

    I have definitely allowed the words of other to impact me and steal my joy. I still struggle daily to separate myself from those words, but it is not easy. The mind is a very complex organ, often with a “mind” of its own. (smiles)

    • cycleguy says:

      it is harder for some to overcome what others have said Daniel. Just keep praying and trusting that God sees you so differently from the words of others.

  3. I think we definitely allow others to affect how we view ourselves. What really matters most is what He thinks about us.

  4. Kari Scare says:

    For me, the words I use to describe myself hurt more than the words anyone else has ever used. My self-talk has done way more damage. Reprogramming my internal thought life has done a tremendous work in my life, and it only came through letting God’s Word be infused into my thinking. That’s where I need to continually focus in order to get the truth about myself & to defeat the lies that I or others tell me.

    • cycleguy says:

      You are taking the right steps to change things Kari. Reinforcing yourself with the truth of the Word is essential. Keep feasting on it.

  5. floyd says:

    It is people’s frustrations, anger, insecurity, and jealousy, that cause them to lash out with names of others in my opinion.

    Christ, even knowing His disciples would fail Him when it counted he called them “brothers.” Can you imagine the humility and love? The Being that was at the beginning of our creation calling us a name in love…

    That’s who we are. Our heart and or soul defines us, not our soul cages.

  6. I was reading a devotional the other day which talked about how the devil no longer has anything to accuse of. Christ had dealt with that so now his accusations fall empty. It was powerful to think of.

  7. Jan Frame says:

    Outstanding post Bill!! Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  8. It is incredible how these things affect us. There is great power in our words and the words of others. We were created in God’s image after all and though what we say doesn’t carry that kind of weight, it is still creating in a sense. Our words can definitely trap us as well as others’ words if we let them. I have found that it’s not just pretending it doesn’t hurt or that they/I didn’t say it. It’s doing what you talk about here and seeing the higher reality of His redemption and life. We have a hope and a way of escape. Praise God! Thanks Bill.