Written by cycleguy on July 22nd, 2015

A short reprieve is in order…but will have to wait. At least for another week or two. The funeral is finished. (Thanks to all who said they would pray. It was much appreciated). Later this morning (Wednesday) I am heading off to our church camp to visit the 14 campers we have. I’ll be taking one of our high school youth with me. He likes the idea of going to lunch. I like the idea of mentoring. 🙂

Okay…moving on…

Have you ever tried to run from God?

Have you ever been disillusioned with Him? Frustrated? Peeved? Confused?

Well…join the club. Not just me. Job. Jonah. Moses. Others in and out of the Bible.

You see, to my way of thinking, most of us get frustrated with God because He doesn’t seem to be doing things as we think they should be done or at the speed  we think they should be done. It also seems to me that we do the exact opposite of what we should do: run away from God rather than run to Him. Take Jonah for example. He tried to physically run away from Him. He was not about to go to Ninevah! So he hopped the first boat in the opposite direction.

Sounds like me. Maybe you? What is ironic is God is NOT AFRAID of our feelings or words. He’s got really big shoulders. What some may take as irreverence toward God, He says “Bring it on!” Trust in all relationships is built-not by hiding, but by revealing feelings and thoughts. I like the way Randy put it: “The safest place in the world to be real and honest is in the presence of grace.”

I’ll buy that. If I can’t trust grace; if I can’t trust Him to show me grace; what is the sense of doing what I do? Of believing what I believe? Of teaching about and believing in grace?

What do you think?

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  1. Daniel says:

    I mean, have you ever been to Ninevah? What a dump.

  2. Betty Draper says:

    Sometimes I run from people or situations I don’t want to deal with. And since everything that comes into my life has to come through the love of God..yeah I guess I run from God more then I think. Sometimes it’s not so much a sin issue but I just tired in the battle. Good post Bill.

    • cycleguy says:

      Know what you mean Betty. Fatigue is a big factor in just shirking away or just not wanting to deal with things. Thanks.

  3. I’m afraid I have run away from God from time to errant time. Don’t we all fall and fail in this area at least at some point in our lives? Now I am trying to run to Him in faith and trust.
    Blessings, Bill!

  4. Linda says:

    As you know I have troubles with being angry at God and getting frustrated with him but I also know it’s because he didn’t do what I think he should have done or did what I didn’t want him to. I still haven’t brought myself to the point of yelling at God but I do know as long as I do it with respect he would be okay with it. (I don’t want people to question my sanity by yelling at no one they can see.) I know I still struggle with grace but thankfully I’m learning more each day.

  5. Jeff says:

    I never run from God and I have never been disillusioned with Him? Frustrated? Peeved? Confused?

  6. Guilty–been there, done that. Somehow I can think I’m being honest and still hold back. Lord, help me be completely real and surrendered to You in all things! Thanks Bill.

  7. Jim Markland says:

    I have done a lot of running over the last 50 years. More times than not, I only run TO God in times of crisis. I am ashamed to say, I was raised in a Christian home and tend to take it for granted that He is always there.
    In my experience, God pursues me. I run 90-miles-an hour through life in pursuit of something I can’t quite grasp. When I stop from exhaustion, I look up and he is there. At other times I stop and turn around and “bump” into Him. Then I feel guilty for realizing how close he has been all the time and I have not even acknowledged Him.

    • cycleguy says:

      It is easy to take that for granted Jim. Those of us who have been raised in a Christian home are the “worst of the bunch” I think. I took it for granted as well..and still do from time to time when I try to coast. I do like your idea of Him pursuing you and you “bumping” into Him. Thanks for coming by my friend.

  8. floyd says:

    Amen, Bill. His forgiveness is perfect and eternal.