Written by cycleguy on July 26th, 2015

I did something different this past Sunday. I spoke about JOY (I am going through the fruit of the Spirit) and talked about the hindrances to joy and also the enhancements of joy. I chose to do it differently: the enhancements were actually the “answers” to the hindrances. Here is what I mean:


  1. Not understanding the difference between happiness and joy.
  2. Sin in our lives
  3. Misplaced confidence
  4. Experiencing trials of faith
  5. Grumbling and Complaining


  1. Understanding the source of joy
  2. Confess and forsake sin
  3. Trust in God
  4. Proper perspective
  5. Give thanks

Sometimes things come a bit more easily when preaching than at other times. This was one of those time it came fairly easily. Don’t you wish having joy was that easy? There are times it is easy…when everything seems to be going our way. But that is not joy. That is happiness. Joy is apparent when not everything is going our way-when “C” comes to haunt us, we face financial reverses, nagging health issues, criticism and rejection, or even outright persecution. That is when we find out about joy and where it comes from.

One more simple word: pass the joy around. What about you? Do you have joy or happiness?


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  1. Linda Stoll says:

    Yes, yes, the joy remains despite all the grief that life throws at us. I am so grateful His Spirit’s gifts remain … and even flourish during these hard times.

    Preach it, brother!

    • cycleguy says:

      I agree Linda. Reckon you can let me know if I did preach it. Go to and you can listen to the podcast of it. 🙂

  2. Daniel says:

    I haven’t held joy or happiness in such a long time that I am often discouraged and focus on the negative. However, I realize, even though it has been a long time, that I am not without hope for the future.

  3. Jeff says:

    I’m pretty much satisfied. It must not be Joy if that requires trusting in a God or believing in sin or giving thanks to an invisible deity. Those things I do not do. I’ll just stick with happiness and satisfaction. You can have the Joy.

    • cycleguy says:

      I’ll take it Jeff. If I depended on outward circumstances, I could very well be in trouble.

      • Jeff says:

        I like reading the comments. I have no idea what most of them are talking about but they seem to be happy because of something. I think the Jesus speak definition of Joy is different than the Webster version but as long as everyone is happy it doesn’t really matter.

  4. Sometimes I have happiness. I always have joy.

  5. Rodney Olsen says:

    There are many times in life I’ve had to rely on joy. Happiness is fleeting and so dependent on circumstances. It amazes me that so many spend their lives in pursuit of something that doesn’t last or satisfy.

    • cycleguy says:

      i spent some of my life pursuing the things that don’t last Rodney. Even as a Christ-follower I “wanted.” I still would like to have some things but find contentment in things which last.

  6. Betty Draper says:

    Joy is inward produced, happiness is outward produced. I really like it when I have both but will chose joy.

  7. I’ll always remember that moment when I realized joy has nothing to do with happiness. Needless to say, my journey with the Lord took on a whole new dimension for which I am grateful to this day.
    Blessings, Bill!

  8. Sharon says:

    Last year my word for the year was *JOY* – and the year began with my dad falling and dying – just 16 days into January. I looked to the Lord and wondered, “How are you going to teach me joy when this is the saddest thing that’s ever happened to me?” It was a year of discovering the truth that joy is not happiness. It is not based on circumstances. It can be present in times of grief and trial and suffering.

    For you see, JOY to me is this – Jesus, Only You.


  9. Deb Wolf says:

    Definitely joy, Bill! I could come up with a list of things to worry about or things I’d like to change . . . but trusting God. Knowing His perfect plan and timing will always be best for me . . . that gives me joy!

    • cycleguy says:

      Trusting God is the most important of all Deb. Since I don’t always know His plan and definitely have trouble with timing I have to trust. Thanks.

  10. Ed says:

    I tend to have a spirit amusement and/or laughter. I am not sure that would classify as Joy. But I do have Jesus, and I know He’s my joy!