Below the Waterline

Written by cycleguy on December 31st, 2015



My theme for 2016 is (as you can see) “It Is Written.” I don’t take lightly my choice of a theme I would like to pursue during the year. I spend some time praying about it and asking God where He would like me to focus for the upcoming year. I don’t hear an audible voice but usually there comes slowly over time a “cementing” of the direction He wants me to go. After spending most of 2015 in the book of Galatians (with a side trip or two), I wanted something more varied this year. The plan which took shape was groupings, or lists, which naturally fell together. The Beatitudes. The Model Prayer. The 7 Churches of Revelation. The Family. Psalm 23.

It is absolutely essential Christ-followers have a foundation upon which to stand/build. So to set the tone for “It Is Written” my first message for the New Year is “Below the Waterline.” It is a message on the importance of a solid foundation.


The building of the Brooklyn Bridge (BB) is a fantastic story. Here is one I used and here is the other.  Only one thing I will say: the BB stands today because of its foundation below the waterline. It is not hype to say the BB would not be standing today or still be a vital link to the life of NYC if not for the foresight shown by Mr. Roebling.

No one knows what 2016 will bring. Success or failure. Life or death. Increased happiness or intense sadness. I DO KNOW having a solid foundation will be essential for whatever is thrown our way. So this message serves as an introduction to “It Is Written” and the 2016 goal of giving a solid foundation based on the teachings of the Bible.

I’ve also, for the first time, felt impressed to let a certain verse be my emphasis for the year. I read it a couple of weeks ago during my morning Encounter Time. You will find it at Psalm 138:8.




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  1. Rodney Olsen says:

    I look forward to your insights during the year.

    If I was to enter the year with a verse it would be John 1:5. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

    The work I’m in brings me face to face with some heartbreaking stories and as I look around the world I see a lot of darkness. It’s a great reminder that none of what we see in our world today has taken God by surprise. The darkness has not, will not and cannot overcome the light. (I’ll be writing a little more about that on my blog in the coming days.)

  2. Daniel says:

    Sounds like a fertile area for exploration.

  3. Looking forward to another year here, Bill.

  4. floyd says:

    Sounds like God has you on a mission! I know He does…

    That’s a powerful verse, Bill. Thanks for the encouragement last year and I’m looking forward to it this year as well. Blessings to you and your family and Happy New Year!

    • cycleguy says:

      I guess as long as it is His mission… 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts this year Floyd. And who knows? maybe this will be the year we finally get to meet face to face.

  5. Yes, Bill, we certainly all need to grow/build from a sure foundation, which is in Christ our Lord. I’m looking forward to reading your wonderful posts in the New Year.

  6. Jon Stolpe says:

    Happy New Year, Bill!

    I like the them and the verse. I think it’s something we all need to take into 2016.

  7. Betty Draper says:

    I love that statement, “below the water line”. It’s so easy to look good on the surface but the Word clearly states, the issues of our hearts (below the waterline) will eventually surface, crumble or stand, when tested and tried. I am thankful for a good foundation that was laid down in my heart when I first got saved, nothing can separate me from the love of God, nothing. He will never walk away from me. On this foundation I have rested for 36 years and it will stand the flight to heaven when I leave this earth.

  8. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! Definitely take heart, and don’t stop the work of your hands! What a great image that bridge is. The foundations are unseen, and yet the strongest of all.

    It is written. That’s a great theme. God knows it all already, it’s written on His heart, and He’s writing it on yours. Beautiful!
    Have a blessed 2016, and I can’t wait to see where God leads you!

  9. TC Avey says:

    Amen! Love it.
    God’s Word is powerful.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts this year.
    God bless.

  10. Sharon says:

    Oh Bill, what a wonderful theme, and such a good thing to focus on. I recall the simple children’s song – “The rain came down, And the floods came up…And the wise man’s house stood firm.” It was firm because it was built on the Rock. And we have been given the Cornerstone on which to build, and the Word of God to add the building blocks.

    “Heaven and earth [as now known] will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” (Matthew 25:35, AMP)

    Amen – It Is Written…

    And it will be forevermore.