Written by cycleguy on March 23rd, 2016


In a previous post I wrote about this book. Out of that book will come some posts next week. (I had a shortened week due to a “grandson visit” and then taking him back to Ohio). From that book came the ideas for this coming Resurrection Day sermon.

As Levi finished his Christmas message in preparation for the Friday Family Day, he came up with how Jesus’ birth turned off the darkness in four ways.

  1. Loneliness
  2. Fear
  3. Despair
  4. Guilt

Following Lenya’s death, as he was preparing to preach those messages, he realized there was another one to add to that list. It is the most common enemy we all face. The statistics are 1/1.  You probably already know it is DEATH. Death is our greatest enemy. It is also the last enemy. Death never calls ahead of time and says, “On such and such a day, at such and such a time you will be history.” However, death is the final curtain call.

But death does not and cannot defeat the Christ-follower. Death has been defeated by the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. Death’s most glorious day soon turned into its worst nightmare! The cross brought death; the resurrection brought life. The cross brought death to sin; the resurrection brought death to an end!



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  1. floyd says:


    It is death that has no sting and brings us to the place of perfection that was intended before the fall.

    Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and yours too!

  2. Jeff says:

    There certainly are a lot of people that don’t need a God to deal with the 5 darkness issues. I have always been curious as to why some people do need that sort of thing.

  3. Betty Draper says:

    Death never calls ahead of time and says, “On such and such a day, at such and such a time you will be history.” That is so true, even with someone as sick as my Mom. She is going down hill fast so I expect a call every day that she has passed. Thank God she is a Christian and she has ask me many times why does God leave me here, I am old, I am ready to go. She wants to go. Her mind is gone, she talks about going to see her Mom and Dad who are in heaven. God has so prepared me for her death and my own too. Oh I would love to see my grandchildren grow up, get married, become a great grandmother. But the older I get the less I hold onto this world. I am with you, death is not my enemy, it’s a process for getting to heaven. Praying for your message Bill. Happy Easter

  4. Our Lord has overcome sin and death. Thanks be to God!
    Happy Easter, Bill!

  5. TC Avey says:

    Death is not the end…it’s a new beginning.
    Happy Resurrection Sunday!
    God bless.