Written by cycleguy on June 13th, 2016

After having a warm April and very wet and cool (some might downright chilly) May, June has finally brought the summer HEAT to our area. When I say summer HEAT I am not exaggerating. The weekend was typical August weather…except it is June. 🙂 But I am not one to complain about the weather. I decided long time ago it was not in my best interest to complain about the weather SINCE I HAVE NO CONTROL OR SAY IN IT!

I rode 24.5 this past Saturday in the heat. Some might say I am nuts. I beg to differ, of course. 🙂 🙂

I wanted to draw the line though yesterday. The past couple of weeks our main auditorium’s air conditioning has been somewhat squirrely. I came in yesterday to turn it down and the stat said 74. Early morning that is ok. When I went in about an hour or so later to practice my sermon the stat said 76. Aaaaahhhhh not good. You probably know by now…it was not working.  Our windows don’t open. Fans can only do so much when it is 88 outside.

I texted our HVAC man. He attends here. During our exchange he was talking about another church which has all 4 of their units down. Yikes! Anyway, during our exchange he told me I could possibly turn the stats down in the other part of the building and maybe that would help. I told him the nursery already gets like an iceberg. We would have kids coming out as popsicles. And here is where Mark’s “sense of humor” kicks in. He tells me how I “could talk about the nursery being comfortable as a new born-less sinner. As we get older and sin without God we are going down explaining the heat. LOL” Laughingly I told him “that would go over big!”

We had another who was putting up hay. Yeah…you know what’s coming. “You gotta make hay while the sun is shining.” 🙂

So…how’s that for a random…nonsensical post? Hey, it’s Monday. I’ve moved three rooms in the house. Shampooed two of them (the shampooer quit on the third). I’ve driven to church camp three times in a week. I have a grill to put together. I gotta have some fun somehow. Oh yeah…I do plan to ride today.


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  1. Betty Draper says:

    My favorite phrase always comes to mind in times such as that, this too will pass. And pass it does to only come again in a different form. I am so grateful for stateside living where there is an air con man to call, a Home Depot and Walmart to buy different things or just go to and stay a couple hours in the coolness. Blessings

    • cycleguy says:

      I imagine after living some of the “primitive” conditions you and Ace lived in, the modernity of your current living is so different. Hoping you two are enjoying your current season.

  2. Sharon says:

    Yup, summer is arriving in our mountains, too. Funny how it can get so hot up here, after cold temperatures and snow in the winter. We try not to use our A/C too much, relying on fans instead. But, there are times when it’s just too hot, and our “wallets” give in to paying for some cooling off!

    I liked your *random* today. Even though I think it might be a sign that the heat’s getting to you?! 🙂


    • cycleguy says:

      We live in a very humid state Sharon. If it wasn’t for the humidity I could open the windows and live with the heat. But sleeping at night is an essential. My wallet gets the better of me as well. I did ride today…25 miles. Maybe the heat is a factor!! 🙂

  3. Lisa notes says:

    Our electricity went out yesterday in our house during a thunderstorm and I immediately felt hotter. 🙂 (But I noticed the thermostat stayed steady—it was only an hour.) Hope you get in some more riding. Stay hydrated!

    • cycleguy says:

      I did get some riding in today Lisa. 25 miles. And I carry two insulated water bottles on my bike. This past Saturday I even stopped at a house of people from the church to refill my bottles with ice and water.

  4. Jeff says:

    I need to start recording the mileage on my Harley odometer so we have something to compare.

  5. Random is always good in my book, Bill. 🙂 You put a smile on my face! Thanks.

  6. TC Avey says:

    Busy man! I’ve been doing some late “spring cleaning” and working in the garden-both flower and vegetable.

  7. Pam Williams says:

    A little humor does all of us good, Bill. Sounds like you are taking life as it comes and making the best of it with laughter. 🙂

  8. floyd says:

    Good for you, Bill. How we look at things and our perspectives are parts of that amazing gift of free will. Thanks for being the example… except when it comes to long bike rides, that is…