Written by cycleguy on December 1st, 2016


That word…loneliness…seems to be so empty. Drafty. Lifeless.

For many, Christmas is one of the loneliest times of the year. They feel like they are home alone. When the movie Home Alone first came out, I was not a fan. It just didn’t turn my crank, so for years I never watched it. One day, I think we were at a friend’s house, and they wanted to watch it. I found myself chuckling then laughing at the gags. It was almost like watching the old 3 Stooges, only updated with modern antics.  The story centers around a young boy who is left behind when his family heads for vacation and his attempt to keep the thieves away from the house. What ensues is an adventure in comedy that keeps you laughing.

What isn’t funny is how many live lives of quiet desperation in today’s media saturated world. Busy but alone. Surrounded but isolated.

That is what is so good about the name Emmanuel (God with us!). Not only is it a beautiful name for God’s Son, it also explains one of the great reasons for Christmas in the first place.

There is more. Guess you will have to come Sunday to hear it. But just in case you can’t, I will give you this preview:

  • The glory of Christmas means we are far more precious to God than we could ever imagine.
  • the glory of Christmas means there is far more to celebrate then we thought.
  • The glory of Christmas means we will never be alone

Those alone give us reason to celebrate Christmas. I hope you are not one who spends time alone. Find friends. Find others who are alone and get together for a Christmas dinner. Go visit a nursing home.  You will find others just like you-dreading the holiday because of some memory. You can have a mutual “pulling-out-of-the-doldrums” party.

Until then, I’d like to ask you to pray.



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  1. Betty Draper says:

    Well can’t come to hear you preach in person but I can listen to the message and most of all brother, I can pray for you and your congregation as the message hits their hearts. There is nothing worst then being alone without Christ.

  2. floyd says:

    Excellent advice. Sounds like a wonderful sermon!

    Praying for the lonely and for your words to be His.

  3. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! I remember a Christmas when I was alone, low person on the totem pole at work. I was living in Arizona at the time, and I had to work Christmas. I was so sad! But you know what really lifted me up? It was the patients who were too sick to go home for their celebrations too.
    We played cards in between my rounds, laughed a little and shared stories. I’ll never forget that 12/25.
    Prayers for you and your congregation,

  4. Linda Stoll says:

    a ‘pulling out of the doldrums party.’


    sometimes we’ve just gotta make our own music, ya’ know?

    meanwhile, I trust you’re mending, friend.