Written by cycleguy on September 24th, 2017

Life can be so many things.

Sometimes it is running so fast you seem to barely be able to catch your breath. WHEW!

This past week has been like that. As I mentioned in this post, we took off Monday for Sandusky, OH to see my sister-in-law.  We arrived home late afternoon on Thursday and immediately started doing laundry. I have developed an allergy to some common chemicals which means I have to take my own towels, bedding, etc and the first thing we need to do is wash them when we get home. Friday was catch up day suspecting this weekend would be super busy.  I was correct. We hosted Matt & Laurie Krieg from Hole in My Heart Ministries (more info to come).  So slowing down has not been an option.

Jo is making plans to return to Sandusky sometime this week to see her sister (who has been moved to a rehab place where they can clean and dress her wound, administer antibiotics, and give her therapy for walking). She will be there 6 weeks. All that with a view to our leaving for a much-needed vacation on October 2nd. Someone in the church graced us with a timeshare as a gift so we are taking advantage of that! I’ll share more about that in a later post.

I am thoroughly expecting the WHEW to turn into an Aaaahhhh (sigh of contentment) during our time away. Thanks for being patient with me while away, but most of all for praying for Jo’s sister. She is not out of the woods by any stretch but is making strides toward healing.


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  1. floyd says:

    I’m praying for Jo’s sister. Glad you guys could be there.

    You will certainly not gather any moss…

  2. “Whew!” is right! I’ll be praying for Jo’s sister, Bill.

  3. ceil says:

    Hi Bill! That’s so weird! I am getting more and more allergies myself as I age. just another fun part of it all I guess.
    I’m so glad that Jo’s sister is doing better, even if she’s not ‘out of the woods’ as you say. And thank goodness you can have some time away too, you need it! It’s a blessing to have much to do, but it’s also very energy sapping too.
    Wishing you many ‘Ahhh’s”!!

  4. Ed says:

    Jo’s sister is n my prayers. Remember you need to always take a breath and relax! 🙂

  5. Betty Draper says:

    Yep, I would say there are a few waves in your life right now. Will be praying for Jo sister. Praying for your vacation too…we hope to take a short one after I get semi recovered from my knee replacement. Would love spend Christmas with our daughter and family in Minn. WE have enough points for flying I think but then there is renting a car, etc. You get it, if it’s meant to be, it will be…

  6. Linda Stoll says:

    Praying for her even as I tap away here, Bill. Blessings on you and Jo as you travel back and forth. When the chips are down, there’s nothing like family to tend to your wounds …