Written by cycleguy on November 16th, 2017

Okay…before you think I’m going to go from being a friend to meddling 🙂  I want to put you at ease. I’m not going to rehash the age old adage of “patience is a virtue” and stuff like that.

Let me take it another direction.

Several words are used to describe or define what characteristic of God I am speaking about Sunday: longsuffering (the old King Jimmy word) or patience. We like to talk about God’s patience because it speaks of longevity. You know…I can keep doing and doing wrong and God is patient with me. People keep putting off salvation because they want to believe God is patient and even after death His patience will be experienced.

God is a god of perfect love, one with an incredible amount of patience. I should know: I’m typing this. I used to think God was this demanding judge, standing with a paddle in His hand. Psalm 103 paints a totally different picture of God.  That does not sound at all like a God who just can’t wait to get His hands around your throat! Nor does it sound like a God who can’t wait to throw darts at your picture. God’s love for His people knows no limits. And I am thankful for that!

But don’t be fooled. There will come a day when God’s patience will run out and a less favorite attribute will become a reality: His wrath. That is another subject for another day.

I would appreciate your prayers for this Sunday’s worship. Thanks.


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  1. jeff says:

    We both know nothing about what happens after a person dies. Nothing. To suggest you know is BS. Your “Be afraid of God” stuff is really silly. What is the purpose of telling people this nonsense? You must have a reason beyond “It pays the bills”.

    • cycleguy says:

      I’ll be blunt Jeff just as you are. Because I believe in a Book you say is a fairy tale, I do know what happens after death. I look at it this way: if I’m right & you are wrong you have lost everything. If you are right & I am wrong I have lost nothing. If there is a heaven (which I believe) and there is a hell (which I believe), you will have lost everything. If you are right and there is no heaven or hell then I have lost nothing. How could I lose anything when there is nothingness? I don’t say & do things “to pay the bills” as you put it. I say & do things because I care about people like you who have no concern about Jesus & eternity.

      • Jeff says:

        I wouldn’t have expected any less of a conviction to your beliefs. I can’t believe as I am not wired that way. I have no concern as I have no reason to be concerned. No evidence = No reason.

      • jeff says:

        What if we are both wrong and Islam or many other options are right? I am equally wrong about all of those as well.

  2. Betty Draper says:

    I pray you never let small minded people keep you from posting truth. Writing about patience and God’s wrath in the same paragraph takes courage. Keep it up brother because on the other side of death it will be too late for people to change their mind on what it takes to get to heaven or hell.

    • cycleguy says:

      I will never allow anyone to stop me from posting truth Betty. Thanks for the encouragement. As long as God gives me breath I will do so.

  3. Yes, Bill, I’m with Betty – tell it like it is!
    I will be praying for you, as always, my friend.

  4. floyd says:

    Amen. Perfection demands justice. He wouldn’t be perfect or God any other way. The sacrifice of Him and His Son is for the living realm only.

    Praying for you, Bill.