Written by cycleguy on January 21st, 2018

It is easy to feel somewhat insignificant. I believe it is often at the root of much of what ails people, even to the point of taking their own lives. It is sad so many have gotten to the point of not caring. I ache each time I hear of someone who finds their life so overwhelming or so trivial or so uninspiring that they decide it isn’t worth living. Frankly, we haven’t helped that out very much. We idolize people who shouldn’t (like no one should be). We cast aside those who appear to be “less than worthy” of our attention. We lose sight of people being important, no matter who they are. We use people and then wonder why in the world they end up lost and in a world of hurt.

The Christ-follower has the greatest message in the world…the message of a loving God who gave His only Son to give meaning and purpose to life-to lives deemed insignificant. Sometimes I want to shout it from the housetops or take someone by the collar (in love of course… 🙂 ) or look someone straight in the face and say, “You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to feel this way. I know Someone who loves your brokenness and has a way to make you whole.”

For my song this week I want to share an old one from around 2003. I’m on a Kutless kick right now and if I was to choose my favorite song by them it would be the one I’m asking you to listen to. I hope you will take a moment to listen to and read the lyrics. YOU MATTER! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! BUT SO ARE ALL THOSE OTHERS IN THE SEA OF FACES.


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  1. ceil says:

    Hi Bill! Hard to believe, but I’ve actually heard this one before! And it’s Kutless too, who I thought was a lot more ‘rock and roll’. It is a wonderful support for anyone who is feeling less than.

    We DO matter. We ARE important. And if I can’t think of anyone that I matter to…I matter to God.

    • cycleguy says:

      This is a tame one for early Kutless. But they have actually toned down a lot since the early years. 🙂 But I’m glad you were at least willing to listen Ceil. Thanks for that. And yes. We DO matter.

  2. Linda says:

    I know I don’t respond much but this one really touched me. I know you know I have been at that point in my life and it wasn’t until I learned more about a loving God than a punishing God that I realized what a waste it would have been to end my life. I look back now and can see all I would have missed out on and why I think it is so important to me to let others know (especially kids) that they are important and there is hope.

    • cycleguy says:

      I also know you don’t respond much. LOL But your response to this is fantastic! I’m so glad a loving God reached out to you and pushed away that punishing God you were taught and told about. You are doing an excellent job of letting others know of that loving God.

  3. It is so sad when someone gets to such a low point in their lives that they think their lives are not worth living. May we always reach out to others with the love of Christ; who knows whose lives we could change for the better?
    Blessings, Bill!

  4. floyd says:

    Yep. It’s the enemy of God’s creation that lies to the hearts of the masses, making them think they’re not special. Oh, if they could only see with their heart.