Written by cycleguy on March 30th, 2018

This Sunday has different meaning to different people.  For some its part of their yearly ritual of C & E attendance. For some it is nothing more than a day filled with chocolate, baskets, chocolate rabbits, colored eggs, and chocolate eggs.  Oh…did I mention chocolate? For some it will be the consummate holiday. Not because of it being a holiday but because of its meaning.

For the follower of Christ, it is the one day of the year which sets every other day aside, but also every other religion of the world. Judaism, while not acknowledging the life and death of Messiah, still has a founder, Abraham, in the ground. Islam’s founder, Mohamed, died at the age of 61 and was buried in a tomb in Medina. He has yet to be seen alive. No disciple of Buddha can say, “I have seen him alive.” Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the JW’s is still in his grave. Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Scientist, is still in her grave. Ellen G. White, the founder of SDA, is still in her grave. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young (among others), the founders of Mormonism and LDS are still in their graves. Only one person has ever defied hell and the grave: Jesus Christ. Proof of his “aliveness” abounds.

The problem with many of us is we suffer from “eternity amnesia” and therefore we are guilty of forgetting forever. By that I don’t mean forgetting something and never to recall it, but we forget a thing called Forever. But here is a simple truth: without eternity Christianity makes no sense. If all that sin has broken won’t be forever fixed someday, then there is no hope now and no hope in the hereafter. So what Paul says in I Corinthians 15 is radical: without a guaranteed forever, faith in Christ is robbed of its meaning, power, and hope.

This Sunday is celebration Sunday for every Christ-follower. Thanks to the generosity of Bill & Suzie Abram we will be enjoying the use of Abram Farm (as we did on Christmas Eve). I hope you will enjoy your Resurrection Sunday celebration of Jesus being Alive! Meanwhile, would you mind praying for us? Thanks.


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  1. floyd says:

    Amen, Bill. Eye witnesses to the Miraculous can’t change a stubborn heart. May they be softened to His love and sacrifice for them.

    Praying for you.

  2. gail Kempe says:

    Resurrection Sunday, is everything. You cannot say it any better than what you stated in your blog. Amen that we do have a guaranteed forever, we serve an awesome God. The magnitude of what we have as Christ followers can never be summed up in a few words thankfully we just keep learning more each day, and the beautiful thing is the learning never stops.

  3. Without the resurrection, there would be no Christianity. Easter is our celebration of the living Christ who has cleansed us from sin and promised us life eternal.
    Happy Easter, Bill!

  4. jeff says:

    I hope that Christianity is the last religion our species invents that uses human sacrifice as part of it’s tenants. Many religions have used human sacrifice as a way to please their Gods. I think this immoral way of thinking needs to go away.

    • cycleguy says:

      The pagan religions “preached” human sacrifice. Cold, dead idols “required” the bodies of people. Sad indeed. The human sacrifice you are speaking about Jeff just so happened to be Jesus, who willingly gave His life for all mankind. And yes, that includes you. It won’t go away, neither will his love for you.