Written by cycleguy on March 25th, 2018

We begin what has been called the final week of Jesus. Traditionally, today was Palm Sunday, the day Jesus made His entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. The people welcomed him with “Hosannas” and threw their palm branches on the ground. Told by the religious hypocrites to shut them up, Jesus told the hypocrites that even if he were to do that the rocks and mountains would scream out in praise.

His week was eventful, eventually culminating in his farce of a trial, mockery, torture, and ultimate death on the cross.

This song is a fitting one to begin this week with. I hope it will help focus you, not on the events of the week, but on the perfect plan of God culminating in the death of Jesus on the cross…and His eventual resurrection.


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  1. Lisa notes says:

    That song always gets me. Thanks for linking it, Bill. I’m spending part of the week with my new grandbaby so it will be a good week, culminating in Easter morning!

  2. Such an incredibly beautiful hymn, Bill. Yes, in Christ alone, all hope is found. May you have a blessed Holy Week!