Written by cycleguy on June 10th, 2018

While on vacation this past week, I continued reading and writing. I’d like to share some of what I read:

“Passion is a popular word choice among individuals  expressing strong commitment. The reality is ‘passion’ without action is meaningless…God doesn’t call us to big words. He calls us to big actions that point others to Him.”  (Quote from Godspeed-Ride On! #5)

“That’s why the Christian should not fear death. With Jesus, death is not the end. With Jesus and His crucifixion, death, in fact, is dead!” (Quoted from Godspeed– #6)

“‘All circumstances’ doesn’t leave us much room for interpretation. God knows what He is doing and giving thanks in ‘all’ is a practical, meaningful way of handing things over to Him.” (Godspeed-#7)

Back on May 22 a friend and I went to see a movie called “Godspeed.”  It was a true story of two men who did the RAAM (Race Across America) as a two man team.  You can see more about it here. They came out with a devotional book based on their experience and what God taught them as they trained and as they raced. The quotes here come from Days 5-6-7 of that devotion.

The quotes were meaningful to me. Which one did you like?



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  1. Don’t think I can choose a favorite, Bill, but I sure want to see that movie!

  2. Pam says:

    I liked 7. It is a reminder I need to tie on my finger where I can see it everyday!

  3. floyd samons says:

    I like all of them. The quote reiterating that Christ overcame death means the most I think.

    I did a study one time and the word for the end or death translated from Greek was “the beginning”. I gotta find that again.