Written by cycleguy on October 17th, 2018

Okay so I didn’t quite tell the truth. I said in this post that I would post once more this week. But I wasn’t counting on reading something that “rang a bell” in my head. I wanted to blog about it before it left my thoughts (which happens a lot when you get older! 🙂 ).

I’m reading Therefore I Have Hope by Cameron Cole. His 3 year old son died unexpectedly one evening while sleeping. He is writing about his journey and what he has learned. One of the things people and pastors say is “God had nothing to do with your son/daughter/mother/father’s death.”  One woman was told that and said to the chaplain: “Don’t tell me that! You take away my only hope.”

Mr. Cole is of the opinion that, even though it is hard to see, God was involved in his son’s death. Why? God is sovereign and all-knowing. To say He wasn’t is to deny those two Biblical truths. He finished his chapter on Providence with these words:

My trial is not a random accident. Nothing comes into my life but through God’s perfect discretion. God remains in control of all circumstances. He has a hand in my painful circumstances, which means that his hand can extend to redeem my life. God is good. The evil in this world and the suffering in my circumstances do not represent his character. The perfectly kind and loving person, Jesus Christ, is the very image of the character of God. The cross reassures me of his love and sovereignty. I can trust him, knowing that he is fully good and fully in control.  (p.100)

As hard as it is to accept the truth that God is involved, it is hard to argue with what Mr. Cole has written. I can’t. I have decided I will never again say God is not aware or involved in what has happened. He does not cause evil  (James 1:13) but He is there. What are your thoughts?


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  1. Crystal says:

    Needed to hear this! Puts a powerfully, hopeful perspective on life’s unpleasant events! Blessings!

  2. So many things we go through in this life, we will never understand until we reach our eternal home. In the meantime, we need to trust in God’s love no matter what.
    Blessings, Bill!

  3. floyd samons says:

    I’ve concluded long ago that God either causes or allows all things.

    In our frail and woefully short mind, relative to God, we can’t grasp that while a tragic accident or circumstance might bring about the souls entering into heaven in generations to come.

    Take Horatio Spafford for example.

    If this life truly is a blink compared to eternity, then time is much different to us than the One that created it…