Written by cycleguy on May 20th, 2019

Before we moved here to Spencer, we lived in Castalia, OH, just outside Sandusky. You know…the home of Cedar Point. We originally moved to Castalia after my ministry in Terre Haute was finished and we sold our house a whole lot quicker than the realtor thought. So we moved in with Jo’s mom who was still living in the house she and Jo’s late father had rented. Castalia was known for having a Cold Creek Festival every year that surprisingly for a little burg was well-attended. It’s other claim to fame was the Cold Creek, a pond and its tributaries that never froze. Of course, when you have that you have a nuisance that develops. Geese. Canadian Geese. Geese of all kinds. Geese that take over the pond. Geese that take over the streets (there was a $1500 fine if you killed one). And geese that left their “gifts” (poop) everywhere. They didn’t care where.

I hated (despised) those animals and I say that without apologies to PETA or any other animal rights group who figures animals are as precious as humans (but think nothing of killing an unborn baby in a womb. Oh, but don’t touch those eagle eggs). Now…understand I’m not for cruelty toward animals but this nonsense has to stop somewhere. Okay. Off soapbox.

I disliked those animals and their deposits. My neighbor tried everything, even remote control trucks to run them off his property. He finally got the town to stop allowing them to be fed at the pond and to remove the food machines. Then he got them to pass an ordinance to get rid of a whole bunch of them, especially ducklings by taking them away.

They were mean animals. They thought nothing of putting their head down and charging. I have heard of people being attacked and hurt badly by their attacks. But after driving the lawnmower over their gifts or stepping in them in the yard, one can only take so much. Fortunately, what I have to worry about here mostly is deer, skunks, and birds flying overhead (hence I always close my sunroof when parked).

A number of years ago (mid ’80s) when Frank Peretti came out with his two hit novels, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness, the idea of spiritual warfare “hit the fan.” His books were entertaining reading but people forgot they were fiction. Just fiction. But people acted like they were real. Demons were under every rock and behind every cold, body ache, mishap, and every other bad thing.

The real truth is spiritual warfare is a real thing. A serious thing. It is important that we acknowledge our enemy is real and is “out for blood” and wants nothing more than to destroy us. We have proof of his devastation. Just look around at our world.  He is also reeking havoc in the church. It’s time we acknowledge his “realness” and then say, “The battle is God’s.” Let’s enlist His help.


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  1. Betty Draper says:

    We either ignore the devil or lift him up as the only one we battle. Often times I think I can almost hear him laughing off to the side as I walk in the flesh. He is as real as our flesh and the world. Good for you Bill for calling him out for what he is, the enemy of our soul. And he lost the battle at the cross which gives us power to laugh in his face. Good post brother.

    • cycleguy says:

      we simply cannot ignore him Betty. He would love that actually. But you are right about one thing: he lost the battle at the cross. Thanks for the comment Betty.

  2. Linda Stoll says:

    Yes, spiritual warfare is all around us. I’d wager to say that we’re less savvy to it in this generation because we’re so engrossed in all things social media.

    Our only hope … greater is He who is in us then he who is in the world.

  3. Ben Nelson says:

    Amen – time to fight the real enemy.

  4. Yes, the devil is real – too real – but so is the power of God to claim the victory for us. Let’s put on the full armor of the Lord, praying for His protection.
    Blessings, Bill!
    P. S. I don’t care for geese either!

    • cycleguy says:

      The power of God is real and powerful Martha. Much more powerful than our enemy’s weak ways. Join my club on the geese. 🙂

  5. Lisa notes says:

    Tell me about it. Sigh. We have lots of geese that visit our backyard because of the lake behind our house. I do love watching them, but they definitely make a mess and can be very mean. And noisy in the spring when they are fighting over women! 🙂

  6. floyd says:

    Sounds like the problems I used to have with pigeons… but I took care of the old fashioned way.😉

    The fight is real, principalities that are in the realm we can’t see just yet, but the day’s a comin’.

    I loved those Perreti books! But I used them for the purpose of being encouraged by the fact that our Father is on the throne and is sovereign over that which He made and sustains.

    • cycleguy says:

      I really liked those books too Floyd. I read them and was challenged in my prayer life. “the prayers of the saints…” Unfortunately, there was a fine for getting rid of them the old-fashioned way. But you are right about one thing: the day is a comin’.

  7. Hi Bill,

    We have Canadian geese in our area too.

    I remember reading Peretti’s books and had appreciated the reminder to pray more often, and the reminder of the battle.

    How are you and your family? How is ministry?

    Jennifer Dougan