Written by cycleguy on December 18th, 2019

There is no question to the “longer” readers of my blog that I like Tommy James.  He was my favorite when I was growing up and Crystal Blue Persuasion would be my #1 song of all time. (Jo knows if we are ever in a trivia game she has to answer this one right! 🙂   #2 would be Long Distance Runner by DeGarmo & Key and #3 would be Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli.  Call me old.  🙂  But I also like rock music-the 70s/80s/hair band kind. And I like what is called Melodic Metal. But I digress…like way off.

Every year I break out my I Love Christmas by Tommy James and will listen to it on repeat.  One of my favorite songs on the CD is this one.  All I have read and heard is that Tommy has come to embrace Jesus as his Savior many years ago and this song is meaningful to him.

So enjoy this divergent path for “ChristmasChallenge#Post18.

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  1. Love me some Tommy James. We have similiar taste in music. I’m so glad to hear he is a “brother”!