Written by cycleguy on February 14th, 2020

Okay, so in order not be to shot, filleted, hung upside down by my toenails, or any other violent act you can think of, I thought it would be wise to talk about my valentine. Strangely enough, it would not be her who would do all the above-said violence. She is a very non-violent person (except if I come to bed with cold hands). I just don’t understand how her love turns so deadly when I come in and want to hold her hand or put my hand across her body so it doesn’t hang in the air at a weird angle while I’m laying on my side. Sheesh! You’d think I put my hands in the freezer before I came to bed. Come to think of it I am pretty sure she thinks I do.

We have been married 46+ years…47 in June. We had our first vacation away from anyone who knew us just 3 years ago (2017) thanks to the graciousness of a couple who had a timeshare and gifted us with a week.  And we had the vacation of a lifetime last September when the folks from the church sent us on a cruise to Alaska. (I would go back in a heartbeat but I wonder if she got tired of me. She doesn’t want to go back this year).  Well, Lord willing, maybe 2021. I hope, I hope, I hope.  Our almost 47 years have not all been smooth sailing but one word never escaped our lips. Not it wasn’t Love silly; it was the “D” word.  Never an option.

She blessed me with two wonderful daughters who have turned into wonderful young ladies, both of whom I am totally stoked about and so proud of my buttons pop (and no it is not from weight gain).  Their lives have not been easy from the start. I mean, a Pastor’s Kid? How radical is that? It is like they have targets on their backs. They have gone on to college and done well in spite of the tests that come from growing up (and growing older). Ha. And they think I’m old.

But Jo has stuck with me through all the ups and downs of ministry life. At times there were far more downs than there were ups.  We have laughed together (if she could roll her eyes she would do that often). We have cried together. We have lamented together. We have hurt for others together. There is one thing we won’t do together…play games. She thinks I cheat at Backgammon or Scrabble. I don’t but she doesn’t like me putting her in the middle in Backgammon or using words she doesn’t know in Scrabble.

But there is one thing we will do together. (Get your mind out of the gutter people!)  We will continue to love each other for as many years as God gives us together.  🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey! I love you.

Now if I can just her to read this I will have won another year of life without buying flowers.


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  1. Glynn says:

    Wonderful tribute, Bill. My own Valentine and I will reach 47 years in August.

  2. I sure hope she will read it. She is blessed to have a loving husband willing to publicly “hug” her. May you both have many more healthy years together.

  3. So touching and heartfelt, Bill! Tell Jo she is a most fortunate woman, though I’m sure she already knows that. 🙂 Love and blessings to the both of you!

  4. floyd says:

    That is awesome, Bill. Your wife most certainly deserves it!

    For obvious reasons I won’t be sharing a link to this with certain other people… 🤔

  5. Pam says:

    Beautiful, Bill! Jo is one blessed woman and you are one blessed man. Glad God brought you two together!

  6. I always tell Ace to not buy me candy or flowers, my practical nature has a hard time with it. but sometimes he does anyway. this year he bought me a real gold pair of ear rings, never had a pair. and he has decided that from now on we are going to buy each other present on certain occasion. Not sure what has got into that man, but I love it. I like things I can pass on to my daughter when I am gone so she will get my good pair of ear rings. Double blessing. My grandsons got me candy, my son got me flowers, I have got to trained them better, just joking. Happy Valentine Days.

    • cycleguy says:

      Jo has never been a jewelry type of woman. She doesn’t even wear a watch. I guess I ought to be thankful because she sure saved me a ton of money. 🙂 We have both learned to love each other as well as we can.