Written by cycleguy on May 22nd, 2020

I mentioned in another post in another life (just kidding. I have no clue where I wrote it) that when I became a youth pastor after college the Senior Pastor once told me to “never get close to anyone in ministry.” He was not talking about colleagues, especially since his son is my long-time best male friend (over 46 years). He was talking about people within the church I was serving. I understand his words, but I was just never able to do that.  Reason? As I matured I was able to see that I was a very social creature.  I score multi-high on the extrovert scale.

Friends are important to me on various levels. I have had cycling friends who have come and gone.  Jim is now about the only one close enough in distance. I count Dave (3 Feet Please) a friend but he lives in Arizona. Sort of hard to get together to ride. 🙂  After years of legalism, I have ministry friends outside my “camp.” I’m richer for it. I have “Y”/lifting friends whom I have not seen over the past 10 weeks or so because of some crazy virus.  But the most friends I have are church friends. Males whom I love to get together with. Granted, there are some “guards” I have to put up, but I know if I need them for anything they will come.

The final sermon from Colossians is like a “Who’s Who” in Paul’s life.  Starting in 4:7 Paul gives a list of very dear and close friends. I’ve categorized them as such:

  • Close friends
  • Praying friends
  • Loyal friends

We need all of them in some way in our life. I’ve titled the sermon A Little Help from My Friends.  And yes, you can cue the Beatles song. I did.  “No man is an island” it has been said. My sermon this morning will show the importance of friends to Paul…and to us. I’d love to have you pray for me and for those listening online. In fact, I’d love to have you join me!


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  1. I will most definitely be tuning in on Sunday morning, Bill! You all really improved the sight and sound so much last week, I’m really looking forward to it.
    Prayers and blessings!

  2. We were told the same thing when we went full time into the ministry. I think its an us verses them mentality that creates false spirituality. It was like we gain more of the spirit just because we were full time in the ministry. We learned so much about ourselves as we learned to handle the information that came at us on a daily level. All of us believers need to be sensitive, discreet, discerning, wise as we talk to others. My best friend stayed my best friend after we were in ministry, she still is to this day. She never treated me any different. In some ways it got worst when we became missionaries. Even the pastor would lift us up higher. A dangerous place to be is higher than any other believer no matter their calling. We need people who are not afraid to be real with us and they need us to be real with them. Ace is an introvert so he did not struggle with all that as much as I did. People think we are such strong Christians because we are missionaries which is so far from truth. He uses the weak things of the world to show His greatness. Yet they have the same God I do, same access to Him , same calling, to be conformed into His images no matter what they do in life. I have friends who work full time in a business that put me to shame with their walk with God. Yes, yes, yes, I too need my friends. I told a lady friend she was not my friend if she held back from ministering to me when I needed it. I need it often and thank God when I ask her she is honest and loving with me. Of course I will pray for you.