Written by cycleguy on November 20th, 2020

I read something recently I thought was good. One man wrote:

Wearing shoes is optional. But eating is not. Driving a car is optional. But once you choose the option, driving on the right hand side (in America) is not…I’m not saying these things are impossible. You can choose to go without eating, but if you do you must take the consequences. You must be willing to exist at a low energy level, to invite infection and disease, and, if you persist, to die. You can choose to drive on the left but will pay fines and cause accidents.

In our life as a Christ-follower, we have an option of being good stewards with God’s blessings, or using His gifts for purely selfish means.  It is sad that because Thanksgiving Day is approaching that we find ourselves focusing on gratitude and God’s blessings when, if fact, that gratitude and those blessings are all-year around.

I’m going to make a very blanket statement which I firmly and 100% believe: we who follow Jesus ought to be THE MOST GRATEFUL people of all. Bar none. This Sunday I am going to recap some thoughts about God’s blessings I spoke about last week, but then I aim to draw attention to some examples in the Bible of people who were ungrateful.  What strikes me even more are the words Moses spoke in Deuteronomy 6 where he reminded the people what they had to be grateful for but added these words: then take care lest you forget them. Do you think God had an idea about His people? About me? About you?

This is the last in my series called Q & A and it has a simple title: What about Ingratitude?  Obviously I appreciate your prayers, but let me challenge you to take one step more: spend some time in gratitude for all God has done and given you.


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  1. Looking forward to your sermon, Bill, with a thankful heart.

  2. Ed says:

    Unfortunately my sound card went Poof! this morning, so I couldn’t catch your sermon. 🙁

    I will say this, lately the Lord has been telling me to watch what I eat! Not because I am gaining weight (well that too.. but anyways).. I have a terrible diet and unfortunately as you say.. my energy levels are just BLAH!!!!!

    I am so grateful that the government, because of the virus, gave me (and others) a lift in food stamps. Now I can actually afford to buy healthy fruits, vegetables, etc.

    I am also grateful that after so many years the terrible itching skin that I had is now mostly gone. I am now able to sleep (mostly) uninterrupted!

    Good post Bill! A lot to think about!

    • cycleguy says:

      Always good to find things to be thankful for Ed. Even the littlest things that no one else understands mean a ton to us. Thanks for sharing.