Written by cycleguy on February 10th, 2021

As the title suggests, it is time to speak up and out. I have rued speaking about politics on purpose.  In the long run, it serves no purpose. Talking heads will want to believe what they want to believe. My wife has asked me on several occasions, “Can’t people see that what he is doing is ruining our country?” I nodded in the affirmative to her thoughts about the country but then simply replied, “Nope they can’t because they don’t want to. Big tech and the liberal media only tell people what they themselves believe or what they want people to hear.” We saw that since the first impeachment (farce) of a trial and we saw it the whole 10 months leading up to the election.  (And please don’t get me started on that).

But I have another “bone” to pick. All this talk of science during the whole pandemic as though science was the end all. Science had/has all the answers.  “Science says this or science says that.” If science is so right on that subject, why is science so wrong on another subject?  Cases in point:

The current administration has signed into law that transgender males may participate in female sports. Science says that gives the males an unfair advantage because of the testosterone which is running through their body. But we suddenly push science aside for the sake of political “woke-sim.”  Can I say how much I despise that word “woke”?  Even athletes like Martina Navratilova, a known and out-spoken lesbian,  has gone on public record that it is a bad thing. “It gives the transgender athlete an unfair advantage,” she says. Oh, she took some heat on that one for sure. She isn’t alone. Even Billie Jean King spoke out.  And many others.  It is unfair that woman/high school/college athletes will be punished by the travesty of allowing males to compete as females. So we kick science to the curb for the sake of being PC (a word we no longer need to use since we have “woke”).  Have I told you much I despise that word?  🙂  Oh, and if you think this is not backed by big money then take a gander at this articleThat ought to chill you to the core.

Another “Kick science to the curb” scenario is the recent vote to allow babies who survive abortion not to receive medical help, i.e. just let them die. The fact that they are breathing even science will admit means they are alive.  How can babies be denied life-saving means, especially when a botched abortion was meant to take their life to start with? I am beyond stumped with that. And I am beyond livid when it comes to abortion and now this?  I submit to you there will be some lawmakers who will cringe when they stand before the Judge of all and have to give an account for their actions.  I seem to remember Someone saying we “need to become like children to see the kingdom of heaven” and “it would be better if a millstone were tied around our neck rather than cause one of the little ones to stumble.”  Of course, I suspect many or most of them don’t care what God thinks. And for a supposed pastor to vote for letting them die? I do not want to be in his shoes on Judgment Day.

I have other thoughts but will keep them to myself.  🙂  I will also now climb down off my soapbox and be on my way.  I ranted long enough.  Oh…by the way…these are not political issues; they are moral issues. On those I will speak.


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  1. Crystal says:

    Good morning from AZ.🌞
    Thank you for speaking on this. If no one is willing to put aside PC and address these moral and ethical issues then the generation coming on will be at a grave disadvantage. My heart aches as I wrestle and seek God’s face and will for us in the midst of a culture that has lost all value of human life. 😢 Praying desperately for revival to come to our land. May God have mercy on us.
    Again, thank you for speaking on this vital subject. God richly bless you and Jo and the church at OVCF.

  2. I am in total agreement with you here, Bill, on every issue. The hypocrisy in this country is now running at full tilt, with no one stepping up to stop it, at least no one in a position of power. God cannot possibly be pleased by this utter defiance of His will. And don’t get me started on this impeachment craziness. Such a shame and a sham!

  3. cycleguy says:

    From Allen Madding: AMEN!!!!!

  4. Ed says:

    Anyone who would allow a botched abortioned baby to live is very cruel.

    Why can’t women just decide to give up their yet unborn baby for adoption is beyond me.

    But it’s cruel world, and Jesus is coming soon!

    • cycleguy says:

      Cruel for sure. Adoption is a viable alternative but when it is all about me then who needs a baby to complicate things. And yes it is a cruel world and the King is coming!