Written by cycleguy on April 22nd, 2021

As my readers know, I am not on FaceBook or Twitter or Insta or any other social media. I have enough trouble keeping up two blogs and my daily work (plus spend time with Jo) to have to worry about social media and keeping up with the latest trends, wacky and whacked-out thoughts posted on modern media. I have no patience for ignorance espoused as “brain food” and definitely no stomach for liberal politics. Or maybe politics in general.

I recently read an interview with Carl Trueman, the author of The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self  and a professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania.  He was being asked what books are on his nightstand these days. After answering the questions he said some profound words that I want to copy below for you to read and think about:

Question: What are you learning about life and following Jesus?

Life is short. Now in my mid-50s I am increasingly conscious that time is limited and that as a Christian I need to be very careful about my personal and professional priorities. Private time with family and close friends means so much to me these days. An evening in the company of loved ones is a precious gift that I have too seldom appreciated in the past. And professional time has to be focused on things that count: the classroom, reading things that matter, writing articles and books on topics of serious moment.

I am amazed at how many Christians spend their days on Twitter and Facebook—too often platforms for ephemeral trivia and unpleasantness. I do not believe Jesus wants me to use my remaining years in exchanging insults with other Christians. I think he wants all his people to witness to the world by using the time and talents he has given them to edify the body of Christ and to help the rising generation think clearly about the challenges we all face.

Well, now you know I am not alone in my thoughts. It feels good to have someone so intelligent say it so much better than I can.


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  1. I read almost nothing about the vaccine since one my doctor seems to be intent on getting me to take it and another one said the choice, that he chooses not to. There you go, who do listen to. So I listened to me who knows my body better then anyone outside of God. My primary doctor is a christian and she ask me if God was leading me not to take the shot. I told her, He was not leading either way , that He is leaving that up to me. She the went on to speak of the risk I was putting on myself not getting the shots. I then came back and told her that I have lived where the risks of life were much greater on a daily bases then in the US and I trusted the lord to protect me. Sounds like I am trusting the Lord doesn’t it, well in a way I am because He has not told me one way or other what to do. At this stage of my life with my old body dealing with several health issues that have nothing to do with Covid I have decided to not put the shots into my body, just one more thing it has to deal with. My husband almost died due to malaria overseas, several times and I never got it. Go figure, I know I was bit my mosquito that carried it,every get bit, they swarms everyone all the time in Papua New Guinea, also there is Dengue Fever, and all sorts of other things that can kill you. But those risk did not keep us from trusting the Lord. We took all the shots and Ace still got malaria and I did not. The devil wears a mask you know but he is still the devil. Just a thought I had here at the end, might write a post on it. But I know if I do, I will reap confrontation.

    • cycleguy says:

      I am convinced the whole vaccine thing is a personal choice. Jo and I decided to do it-more so me than her-because I want people to feel safe around me.

  2. Wow, Bill! This really struck home to me because those are exactly the things/activities I treasure the most. There is no better use of our time than to spend it with purposeful interactions with those we love, those we meet, and pursuing the gifts God has given us. Thanks for sharing this man’s wisdom here today.

    • cycleguy says:

      While I am not on social media, I still need to be aware of spending my time on other things. This was a good wake up call for me Martha.

  3. Linda Stoll says:

    Interesting post, Bill. I never got into social media because blogging took enough of my time. I haven’t regretted this decision one bit.

    I’m still in process of figuring out how to use my screens well. They are so addictive, and as you say, the time is short.

    There are bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

    • cycleguy says:

      Blogging does take time Linda. I chose to stay away from social media because of the time and distraction I saw in others.