Written by cycleguy on August 7th, 2021

In the late 60s, pop singer, Tommy James (who happens to be my favorite)  recorded a song called Smoky Roads. He was writing about returning home which included the lyrics: “I came back to take a look at my childhood/ But all I found was a big stack of firewood/And a whole bunch of people I don’t even know.”

I felt that way when I went back. Things changed. I graduated high school 51 years ago (that is 1970 to save you from trying to figure it out). 🙂 I never went back for a class reunion. Besides the distance, I was never fond of high school and had few friends. Things changed. The town changed. After the steel companies went under from the recession in the mid 70s (which was a depression in that area), much of what I knew became like a ghost town. Shops closed up. Steel mills shuttered. I have told myself I can’t go home, unless I want to see my two brothers who still live near Pittsburgh.  (I used to go back to watch the Pirates play but that’s another story).

The sermon Sunday is about Jesus going home to Nazareth and how “a prophet is without honor in his own country” sure played itself out for Him. I’ve titled the sermon What Can I Expect? and have two thoughts I will share: I can expect rejection and I can expect certain realities.  Mark 6 is where I will be preaching from.

I would be honored if you would join us in person or online.  If you can do neither your prayers would be much appreciated.

I’m sorry this is posted so late. We made a trip to Ohio on Wednesday and came back home Friday. I had grass to cut when I got back so my time to post this was limited.


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  1. I will be joining you this week, Bill!

  2. Good question to ask ourselves, what do we expect? On a daily bases, from our friends, from the world, from God, from ourself, from others..