Written by cycleguy on October 22nd, 2021

I think the older one gets the more a question enters the mind: Am I making a difference? Does my life count?  I suspect many of us fear living a life of ineffectiveness, ineptness, or with no direction.  While studying for this sermon I ran across several humorous quotes. One was

We should all be concerned about the future: because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.

I finished the Gospel of Mark study this past Sunday and now we have to face the future. Jesus’ time on earth is done and there is only one last thing to do: commission and challenge His followers for what is next.  It is certainly more than “just go out and do whatever you want to do.”  He has tried for a little over 3 years to prepare them for what was ahead. Now what? What is next?

I will be completely closing the book on The Servant King series this Sunday with a sermon from Acts 1:1-11.  It is loaded with a commission to the apostles and a challenge to them to carry on His work. But He also gives specific instructions which they are to follow.

Join me please if you are able to.  If not, we will be doing it live stream at 9 and 10:45.  And by the way: if you were unable to join us at those times this past week, it was live streamed at 10:00. However, you can go to the church’s FB page or YouTube channel to watch it. You can find those links by going to the church’s website (ovcf.org) and finding the link right underneath the information about the sermon.

I hope you will join me in some way. If not, I always appreciate your prayers.


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  1. I plan to be there, Bill, and will check out last week’s sermon before then.

  2. Ed says:

    I’ll tune in/watch later in the afternoon. You guys in the East get up way too early for me!!!

  3. Bill, I am putting your sermon on my calendar because it has hit a cord in my heart. I have had lots of time due to my health to think about my witness. I don’t want to do details here but please keep me in prayer for my one kidney to recover from some surgery required. I have a tube inserted in it now and it drains in a bag outside my body. Talk about getting real here. This is a side note but I think you might enjoy it. The other day Ace was down on his knees draining my urine bag. Our daughter was helping him and I said to her, you know Tara, your Dad did not get on his knees when he ask me to marry him. It’s never bother me but seeing him on his knees to help me at this time of my life is the best. We have lived the best of marriage, and some of the worst too in our early years but what aging brings on is a, worst beyond what a young couple can imagine. Ok, aside from my side note. I am gonna have to write a post on that. As for your message I want to be on the front role with my hankie, saying preach it brother, preach it. My heart burns to speak truth to those around me and I am thankful for pastor such as you and others I know who are doing it. My cup is running over with all God is speaking to my heart. I cannot stand before a room of people and preach but brother I can pray and encourage you.

    • cycleguy says:

      Your encouragement means a lot Betty. Just saying that the sermon was last Sunday. This Sunday starts a series on Attitude Check (thankfulness). We had some camera issues during the first service (9:00) so the second one is better (10:45). You are right though how you never think of life ahead when you are young and getting married.