Written by cycleguy on January 23rd, 2022

Note: I wrote this today (Sunday) as I awaited the opportunity to preach knowing things would be greatly different. These are my musings.

As I sit here this Sunday morning, a mixture of emotions flow through me. Due to the state and county both being in the red (COVID-wise not politically), the decision was made to do live stream only this morning.  Add to the state and county statistics the fact that some of the church people are also testing positive or simply struggling with illness, it seemed the wisest thing to do.

Am I happy? I would be lying if I said I was.  But I also understand. As far as I’m concerned, someone getting vaxxed and boosted is a matter of personal choice and I will not take a side on that issue. It is not for me to impose my will or thoughts on someone, even though Jo and I have both been double vaxxed and boosted.  She will be 71 next Sunday and I am 69. Yeah…she robbed the cradle. 🙂

No, my issue is not even a health issue. My issue is how much I look forward to Sunday morning and seeing people. Sure, I do get to do what I possibly love more than just about anything-emphasis on “just about.” I know I’m a social creature and I really look forward to seeing people, laughing with them, hugging them, fist bumping them, and just all around greeting people.  I love seeing smiles and the joy of connecting with people I have grown to love. I love seeing new people and the fact we have some “mo” right now makes it a bit harder to take this break. But that is the way of life in 2022…and in 2021…and in 2021.  I just think there is great value in meeting together.

But thankfully, we have live stream-a vital second to our ministry. Where would we be without it? Given today’s scenario, we would have to cancel services or require (gasp) everyone wear a mask. I’m thankful for the live stream. I remember how we started in late 2020 with nothing more than an iPhone.  The live stream has really been a life saver.

My personal hope is that this will just be a one week glitch. If not, we will use whatever means we can to get the message of Jesus to others. I pray God will bless our efforts and I am going to take Him at His Word that His words will never return void.


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  1. Bill, I love how flexible you are and that you don’t put guilt on your congregation for whatever choice they have made during these times. I have chosen not to get the vaccines because of my kidney issues. Everything we put in our body has to be filtered through the kidneys and I have only 1/3 of one working. I just got my hopefully last stint removed and for the first time since my bladder surgery in Oct I feel great. It’s been an ordeal that I pray I never have to go through again. The one positive in it all has been I have got to witness to tons of medical people. And also to my family. My daughter put on my facebook on my birthday, the 13th of Jan how much she loved the fact that I know where I am going if this issue should take me home. But that I am not going till He has my home in heaven ready. My faith has encouraged my family and honestly God has strengthened my faith over and over. I am thankful for the good doctors God has sent my way and the wisdom to change when I felt like they were not giving me their all. As much as I hate aging physically I like the strength to speak my mind in love when needed. There is a lot of folks sick in our church and as I type my daughter is taking her husband to the day clinic because he has been sick for over a week and not any better. His folks are both sick and of course we are praying we do not get it too. I was sick Christmas week while we were in Texas with our son. You post encouraged me because of your care for your people. Blessing.

    • cycleguy says:

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words Betty. And I pray that you and Ace stay healthy. I love that we who are Christ-followers know exactly where we going, just not when. Thanks again for the comment.

  2. It did feel odd not seeing anyone in the congregation today, Bill, but such is the way with this unpredictable virus. Your sermon was spot on; I thought much about how God leveled my pride in that hospital room. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’m thankful!

    • cycleguy says:

      It was weird preaching to an empty church building and looking at a camera Martha! I don’t want to do that very often. 🙂 The bike wrecks I have had have been a time when God brought me down to tell me to look up to Him and not myself.

  3. Ed says:

    At least you still care about your people enough to go live on video. The message is still getting out and that’s important.
    I miss seeing my family members also, and the full faces of the people wherever I go.

    • cycleguy says:

      I wish I could take credit for the move to live stream but it wasn’t my idea, although I do embrace it. I miss seeing people’s faces also.

  4. Linda Stoll says:

    yes, this is a hard season for our churches. virtual church is here to stay, yet we will continue to yearn for that 1-1 connection. it’s just not the same sitting in front of a screen.

    meanwhile, I’m featuring your wise words on this week’s Porch 💌