Written by cycleguy on April 22nd, 2022

As you can tell there is a bad side to eternity and a good side. Let’s talk about it.

Bertrand Russell lived from 1872-1970 and was well versed in math, philosophy, logic, and other studies. By all accounts that I could find he was a brilliant man. He was, depending on who he was debating or talking to, either an agnostic (because he said one cannot disprove there is a God) or an atheist. Yeah…he waffled.  But one thing was consistent: he believed religion was superstition. To complicate matters here is a quote he made:

“There is one very serious defect to my mind in Christ’s moral character, and that is that He believed in hell.”

There is so much about heaven and hell we don’t know since none of us have been there.  I do, however, believe they are both real places and the choice we make about Jesus will determine where we will spend eternity.

My sermon this Sunday is the final one in the series I called Truth Decay.  I certainly have not covered all there was to cover, but for the past two months we have been looking at some serious “hot buttons” in today’s culture about what I call non-negotiables when it comes to what we need to believe. None of them had anything to do with cultural issues of morality, social justice, lifestyles, etc. That, as they say, is for another time and another place. This week I will be talking about where we will spend eternity. 

I would love to have you join us in person or via livestream. We will be back to two services this week, with one at 9:00 and the other at 10:45.  Join us won’t you?


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  1. gail says:

    The sad situation is that I do not believe that people truly understand what total separation from God is. Culture has so many believing that hell either does not exist, or they have an idea that hell is more of a party place. The lies that people believe about hell is so heartbreaking. The Lord can only save you while you are still on earth, after that, the reality of hell will not be a place anybody will want to be in. Then it will also be clear that you only have yourself to blame, God gave you a way to spend eternity with him, and it is an individual choice.

    • cycleguy says:

      I think you hit on one important idea Gail. Too many think hell will be a party place. “All my friends will be there” they say. While that may be true due to their own choice, it will not be a party place. Quite the contrary.

  2. Danny and I plan to get back to in-person worship this Sunday, Bill. I will be sure to tune into your recorded service in the afternoon.

    • cycleguy says:

      I’m glad you will be getting back to in person worship Martha. I think it is so important. But I do appreciate you checking it out later