Written by cycleguy on February 2nd, 2023

There are 4 perfections of God’s character that we must know and believe:

He is Immutable- He never changes.

He is Omnipotent- He is All-Powerful.

He is Omnipresent- He is All-Present (Everywhere present)

He is Omniscient- He is All-Knowing.

It was the latter attribute that I focused on last week and will continue that this week-He is Omniscient. I took us through the first 4 churches which are covered in Revelation 2. This week I am going to look at the last 3 churches, which are found in Revelation 3.

Letter #1- Ephesus- He knows what and who we love.

Letter #2- Smyrna- He knows what we are willing to suffer for.

Letter #3- Pergamum- He knows what we really believe.

Letter #4- Thyatira- He knows what we are willing to tolerate.

Letter #5- Sardis- He knows our spiritual condition.

Letter #6- Philadelphia- He knows the state of our commitment.

Letter #7- Laodicea- He knows who we are depending on.

I hope you will join me in our worship this Sunday-in person or online. We start at 9 and 10:45. 



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  1. Hello Bill, been a while since I have read your wise backed by the Word blog. I love thinking about who God is and what He knows about me. It sure helps to think upon truth, helps grow me up and gives me courage for another days battle. thanks for the reminder. Blessings brother.

    • cycleguy says:

      Welcome back Betty! It is good to hear from you. And thanks for the kind words about my blog. i take that as a great compliment. And yes, it is good to know we are known and still loved (in spite of it).

  2. Good post my friend, so glad I dropped by! God Bless!