Mother’s Day ’23

Written by cycleguy on May 11th, 2023

This Sunday, in case you were born yesterday or under a rock, is Mother’s Day.  I know…it is sorta hard to miss that. Florists certainly love it! The restaurants love it as well. But, truthfully, the woman/women in your life who have meant so much or now mean a lot are worth remembering.

This Sunday I am following up on something I started last year. Rather than me stand before the church on Mother’s Day and telling the women how they can be a better or more godly mother/wife/aunt/etc, I asked some women to take part. There will be three women in the first service and four in the second sharing what woman in the Bible they admire inspires them. We will hear from Lydia. Mary the mother of Jesus. Tamar (Judah’s Tamar). Sarah. Mary of Bethany. Deborah. Hannah.

We met Wednesday night to chat, get to know each other (we have two services which can often lead to not knowing folks), talk about their lady in the Bible, and to pray.

I’m looking forward to hearing from them as they share their heart. I’d like to invite you to visit us at 9:00 and 10:45 in person or via live stream. If you are new to OVCF or the Spencer area, I would love to meet you.



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