Obedience: Encouraged or Demanded?

Written by cycleguy on February 8th, 2024

There are some things I know for sure. 1) It is always tough to be a Christ-follower.  2) It is tougher to be a Christ-follower when rigid rules and regulations are in place. Obedience to Christ should be expected, but obedience should never be demanded or forced upon someone. Unfortunately, there will always be those religious teachers and religious systems that will take a “hard case” approach and make demands of their followers the Scripture never intended to take place.

The Scripture for Sunday, Colossians 2:16-3:4 takes a hard stand against demanding obedience or as I will say during the message: the “lord it over” approach. The question I plan to answer is this: “Is obedience demanded or encouraged?” Please see there is a difference. It is my personal belief that those religious leaders or religious systems who use the “lord it over” approach are afraid. They are afraid of people thinking for themselves. They are afraid of losing control of their flock. They are afraid that a lack of control will lead to rebellion. (Maybe it should). 

Do we obey God from our hearts or do we do it because we are being threatened or forced to? For my answer, please feel free to join us in person or online this Sunday at 9:00 and 10:45. I would love to see you or even to hear your thoughts when it is all said and done.


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  1. gail says:

    Looking forward to your sermon Bill. To only being obedient because of a set or rulers or to look like the part of christlike life will do you no good, and leave you empty. Head knowledge can only take you so far. Your heart has to be transformed by God. When your heart is transformed, you will feel it. You will know God was one who changed you, because it’s impossible to do on your own. The great advantage is, God will continue shaping you, and you will not want to go back to your old self. Once you get a taste of God’s transformation you will be hungry for more.