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Written by cycleguy on June 10th, 2010

I heard some really sad news yesterday.  Dana Key, former lead singer of DeGarmo & Key went to be with Jesus.  You can read the report of his death here. Their rock album, Straight On, was the very first Christian rock album I bought.  At one time I had every album/recording they ever did.   I passed them on to a DJ several years ago. Some of you may have never heard of  D & K and since the dissolution of the band, both Dana and Eddie have stayed busy.  Dana became a pastor of a church in Cordova, TN where Clay Crosse and his wife attend.  I remember once going to a concert they were playing and as I walked by their tour bus he walked out.  He stopped and spoke to me and my wife and when I asked him if he would play/sing my favorite song he said, “Sure.”  When it came time, he even commented about the request.  In an age of fake musicians totally not serious about their faith in Christ (I am not speaking about all), Dana was a rare jewel.  His faith was real.  His love for Jesus was real.  See you later Dana.  Thanks for the music.  Thanks for the memories.  And now I give you that song he sang that night that is my all-time favorite of D & K and maybe of all my music.

Are you old enough to remember D & K?  What was your favorite song by them?


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  1. Jim F. says:

    I loved them. I did hear the news the other day. I loved much of there music and had I think every album they did in the 80’s. Commander Sozo and the Charge of the Light Brigade was my favorite.

  2. cycleguy says:

    Jim: I remember that album! 🙂

  3. Just Another Citizen says:

    I was a huge fan! I saw D&K in concert several times. They had a strong message and were one of the ey bands that spoke to my heart as a teenager (along with Petra, Rez Band and others). One of my favorites is Dear Mr. Clapton. Dana wrote and performed this song to reach out to Eric Clapton (my all-time favorite guitarist) when his son died. Clapton wrote Tears In Heaven because of the tragedy. Long after D&K desolved, Dana Key was still ministering (in a very personal way) through his music. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1buDYH2ZE44&feature=channel

  4. *~Michelle~* says:

    I am def. old enough to have “known” this band, but I didn’t “know” of them.

    But I have heard so many wonderful things about Dana Kay with his passing….sounds like he truly was a blessing to this world.

  5. cycleguy says:

    JAC: You and I listened to the same stuff and I outage you by…aahh let’s say several years. 😀 Love that song as well and always wondered if Eric heard it and what he thought. Thanks for the youtube video.

  6. cycleguy says:

    Michelle: their early stuff and live album were pure rock and roll. He was a blessing and leaves a godly legacy.

  7. Zee says:

    didn’t get a chance to hear them, but read about Dana passing yesterday on Todd Agnew’s blog… not exactly my type of music (i prefer alternative rock / indie), but “for each his own” 🙂

  8. I was in eighth grade when I first encountered DeGarmo and Key. I was attending a small Christian school and was riding to school with one of the teachers every day. She had a D & K cassette (wow) but I remember nothing of the music except that she thought it was awesome 🙂

  9. Desert Jim says:

    They were the Hall & Oats of the Christian music world (except better). I enjoyed listening to their music. Its a shame that there doesn’t seem to be a market to remaster some of the 80’s Christian rock. The music is pretty good but the recordings don’t stand the test of time.

    If it weren’t for people like Dana Key, Randy Stonehill, Petra, Rez Band, etc… that cared more about spreading Christ’s love than turning a profit, there would not be any Christian rock music today.

    56 is way too young…but I guess God knows what He’s doing.

  10. cycleguy says:

    Zee: Back in the day… 😉 Some alt an indie is ok. Some…well it is a matter of opinion. LOL

  11. cycleguy says:

    Bernard: depending on style of music you might or might not like them today. 🙂 Yeah…wow on the cassette.

  12. cycleguy says:

    DJ: I have tried to find some remastered D & K in the past but couldn’t. Not sure about Rez either. I have an old D & K that has greatest hits on it that I have had for years. Was able to listen to Jericho and Long Distance Runner today already. Ahhh those were the days! You are right though. If it wasn’t for them paving the way we might not have it today. They were pioneers without the compromise. I agree also: 56 is way too young especially when I am 57. Reckon you never know your time.

  13. Zee says:

    Bill: yeah, some is indeed not worthy of listening to, but there are great ones too… like my fav foolish things… even if they disbanded.

  14. cycleguy says:

    Zee: i remember when you had a song by them on your blog. Don’t remember when (old age you know?) but do remember. 😀

  15. Just Another Citizen says:

    I don’t know about any “remastered” media – do you still buy CDs Bill? I did check, the entire D&K discography is available on iTunes… maybe it is time to step up Pastor. We can relive the mighty 80s Christian Rock days in mp3 format!

  16. cycleguy says:

    JAC: Ooohh that was a low blow! Just remember: I know where you live!! 😛 Yes I still buy CDs and not I don’t have an mp3 or one of them other gadgets (the name escapes me right now).

  17. Mark Brown says:

    Yeah, I’m a little late to the party, but I remember being introduced to D&K by a minister at my small church in Fortville, Indiana. It went from there to Petra, White Heart, Randy Stonehill, Steve Taylor and many others. I recently rediscovered some of my old CCM music and it made me think of that minister, so I tried to look him up on Facebook. He is apparently hip enough to have a blog, but doesn’t have a FB page. Luckily his daughter was on FB and directed me to his blog.

    How are you, Bill?