Written by cycleguy on June 10th, 2012

There are times when riding my bike that I have no agenda…no plan of how many miles to ride or where I want to ride.  It was easier to do before we moved here, because for 18 years I lived where it was flat.  I was also younger.  😀  I have no agenda with this post, but thought I would just take you on a meandering jaunt through what is on my mind.

Jo & I were invited to celebrate Myron and Maurine Rukes’ 65th anniversary with them on Saturday.  65 YEARS!  We drove to Terre Haute (Tami went with us) to honor a couple whom we have known since 1987, and have been through a lot with.  Did I say they have been married 65 years?  I was chatting with their grandson, Matt, who is wheelchair bound after a diving accident in the 90s (one of the stories of our time with them) and he was telling about talking to his grandpa about the longevity of their marriage.  How?  Myron told him, and Matt shares with those he counsels, that “you gotta learn to bend.  ‘Course I’ve had to bend more.”  Yeah, I laughed.

After my ride Saturday,  I stopped at a Circle K to get something to drink.  One of the mothers was there with her daughter and her sidekick.  Tiff and Bob are taking a break from working as lifeguards at our church camp and plan to be in church today.  The mom said, “We will all be there.  Well, except for Chad and Anthony.”  She told me what Chad was doing and that Anthony was at The Farm (a retreat center) with Campus Life student leaders.  Anthony’s words to his mom when she asked what they were doing: “We are meeting to reform Campus Life and Jesus.”  I laughed loudly.  Hmmmm…am I missing something or am I right in thinking Jesus doesn’t need reformed?   🙂  Mom corrected his use of English.  That young man will be used by God I perceive.

Some old friends, Michael and Jan Frame (she comments on this blog), plan to be here today.  I can’t wait to see them.  Maybe I will spring on her about giving her testimony.  Naaah, I wouldn’t be that cruel.   Then again…..  😉

It never ceases to amaze me about God’s timing.  For my Encounter Time this morning (Sunday) I read this passage and then this one.   How appropriate is that?

Finally, one that is not at all funny.  I recently saw this on Rodney Olsen’s blog. Rodney lives in Australia, works at a radio station, and is also a cyclist.  I know it is not “kosher” to feature 10 minute videos on a blog, but this is well worth it.  I have made a commitment to not do this.  Every time I go out on my bicycle, I know this can happen.  Please, please, please, stopb4utxt.

Thanks for meandering with me.  How about you?  Any thoughts?  Any meanderings for you?



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  1. 65 years of marriage is amazing.I would be almost 89 if that happens.

  2. Daniel says:

    Kind of a slice of life post today. All the little scenes played out and stitched together make for an interesting tale. Good stuff.

  3. Jim F says:

    65 years is awesome! I met a couple that has been married 71 years. She was 18 and he was 20 at the time they got married – amazing. Glad you have plenty of good things going on!

  4. Myron and Maurine are heroes! What an awesome testimony fo His and their covenant faithfulness!

  5. tcavey says:

    Wow, 65 years! What an inspiration.

  6. lindaM says:

    Hi Bill,
    It’s nice to read that you’re having warm and sunny experiences in your life right now. My life has gotten cloudy in the past week and there are some storm clouds right over my head.

    The situation between me and my daughter has surfaced again, partly due to something I did recently without thinking. She has now cut off all visitation between me and the grandkids. My son is upset because this issue keeps coming up between his sister and me and his Wedding Day is in July. I’m beginning to really wonder if I am a self sabatoeur or something like that.

    I’m really appreciating more and more God’s view on sin. Sin costs people. It costs families and society and innocent bystanders who become victims of the sinner.

    Yesterday I went to a church service. I haven’t been going to any church for quite a while. There was a call made at the end of the preaching for those to stand up who wanted to refocus their life on Jesus. Many people in this small congregation stood up. It was encouraging.

    The interesting thing about this church service to me was that the regular worship leader (who is talented) was away and the man leading with guitar was really difficult to sing along with. We had to concentrate on every word coming out of his mouth to figure out where we were in the worship song. God used it anyway. Perhaps it was his plan 🙂 The Holy Spirit moved the hearts of people to respond to the call.

    I got up at 2:00 am one morning recently to drive my neighbor to the greyhound bus depot. He was leaving for Peace River in the north country to work at a job site. This family continues to have financial problems. My concern is the insecurity of the kids. Now marriage problems have erupted that have been ongoing for quite a while.

    There has been a death in my next door neighbor’s family of their grandfather. They just returned from being away several days. I haven’t talked to them since they got back.

    talk to you later.

  7. floyd says:

    My wife teaches spinning and used to ride outside quite a bit. She actually finished Platinum in The Tour De Tucson some years back. But I always feared for her safety, especially drafting behind the men on the downgrades doing close to 60 mph. She ended up with vertigo some time back and while I don’t wish that on her, it may have saved her life.

    I guess I’m rambling, right back at cha’.

    • cycleguy says:

      I don’t mind the rambling. It is very real fear that my wife experiences every time I ride. She hears a siren she calls. 🙂 I bet your wife would smoke me on the bike though.

  8. Arny says:

    work has been kicking my butt for months now…i think i’m getting a better handle of it now…but…God is teaching me sooo much even in the mist all this workin! lol…

  9. Dan Black says:

    My wife and I have been married for 5 years, so amount of time vs. the 65 years. What wisdom and knowledge they must have from living and being married for that long.

  10. Eileen says:

    Wow, 65 years of marriage. That’s awesome. I loved the verses you linked to. It’s all HIM!

  11. Jan says:

    What a wonderful day it was to worship with your church family & your daughter sitting next to me. We just feel so comfortable there and of course your messages are always excellent & speak to me. I am remembering your words that God takes a nobody & makes them a somebody! I am seeking to be a person after God’s own heart, thank you for the awesome message. AND, I would have probably had a panic attack if you had even said my name out loud, let alone ask me to share some testimony! Geez Bill, I thought you liked me a little! 😉 The renovations were exciting to see, definitely God approved!

    I love the verse in Psalm 19:8…The Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. So very true.

    Watched the video, yeah, it made me cry & I posted it on my fb page…hope it makes someone stop & think before they text while driving. Glad you put that on here, it is well worth the 10 minutes, even though very sad.

    So very happy to see you & Jo. Kinda hard to leave, I told Michael it’s like leaving my family when saying good-bye. Hopefully be back soon, now that I think I could get there myself, just might show up on one of Michael’s work Sundays, as long as you promise no calling on me!


    • cycleguy says:

      it was fantastic seeing you both Sunday. I do like you Jan, that is why I would give you a chance to give your testimony. It is so powerful it would impact those who listen, but alas, I do like you too much to cause a panic attack. 🙂 Glad you posted the video. Thanks. You are welcome any time.